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  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @hippiegirl884 we are also needing a 3rd row vehicle my car died earlier this spring and we have been making it work with only one but will need something bigger when this one comes.! Any ideas what you are wanting?
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  • @stillcozy if I could dream...a Subaru ascent. I live in Colorado so we need something that is good in snow. However, it’s still a fairly new model so I’m thinking it’ll be hard to buy a used and new is something I don’t think we want to budget for right now. So I’ve been looking at other full size SUV’s. I’m not opposed to mini vans but I would want one pimped out and again it needs to be awd. 
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  • aels12aels12 member
    @hippiegirl884 I have a Honda Pilot and love it, Awd and third row seating!
  • tlynn380tlynn380 member
    I did with my first born son. Gave me a peace of mind.
  • Another one looking for a third row, I think I’m going to get the Odyssey. I don’t even care if that makes me uncool, I just want a van haha. 

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  • lemommalemomma member
    We just got a Chrysler Pacifica and I’m completely obsessed with it! It’ll be so weird to have a kiddo all the way in the back tho?! 
  • This app on my phone has updated. I don't like the layout of the updated app. Actually I HATE it. So there. 
  • This group is so empty right?! But I can’t complain because everyone seems really nice and into a good board flow. My last bmb was kinda crazy and aggressive and it was a whole thing with other bmbs coming to the board to check out the drama. I’m just shocked we don’t have more going on!
  • @cricket1688 yes! I was in (though not terribly active) April 2011, February 2013, and very briefly October 2017. I still have friends from the 2013 board that moved to a Facebook group with loads of drama, but it was mostly fun 😆
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  • aels12aels12 member
    @cricket1688 it’s so empty! I’m glad it’s not drama filled but it’s throwing me off that it’s not more active! 
  • stillcozystillcozy member
    @cricket1688 yes it seems so weird. I’m the only one in my check in group 😂
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  • I agree, it’s very strange. 

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  • Hahaha @stillcozy come to our check in group I fall i the 3rd group EDD 1/20. @hippiegirl884 @aels12 SO happy it’s not drama filled. Honestly I contemplated not joining here because of how crazy June19 got but at the end of the day I got and have a lot of support and stayed out of the craziness. Also how has this app not updated itself in a helpful way yet 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • carleym93carleym93 member
    @cricket1688 Girl June19 is still kind of crazy 😳 
  • @carleym93 I never followed to FB because it got way too intense for my personal taste. But I’m entertained to hear it’s still lively 🤣

    post above is supposed to say “got and gave”* not got and have. Oops. 
  • aels12aels12 member
    @cricket1688 and @carleym93 I was in May 2019 and there were a lot of people in that one but not much drama, crazy June was so different!
  • lemommalemomma member
    @cricket1688 I love the vibe in this group!! But yes it does feel rather empty. I loved my first group, even though it did get testy sometimes. We’re now really tight knit and a ton of us have met in person. And then my 2nd group was terrible. People just said whatever they wanted and were so mean and I left quickly - I wanted no part of that negativity! I am loving it here so far and I feel like it could really develop into a supportive, awesome environment!
  • @lemomma agree the group vibe is great! I really feel like it’s the first initial members who set the tone of will this be a welcoming supportive space where we actively try to keep things organized or will this be snark city that quickly turns into piling onto a random member. And those first members here did such a nice job setting the scene
  • I’ve been kinda MIA- I ended up in the hospital most of last week. Home now, and feeling much better. 
    HG and complications from it 😭 (kidney infection from dehydration 😱)

  • Oh no @the_road_to_oz that stinks so much!! I hope you're feeling better! 

  • carleym93carleym93 member
    @the_road_to_oz So sorry friend! Glad you’re feeling better 
  • @the_road_to_oz Ugh so glad you're home now!
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