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1st Trimester

Spotting off and on, and sensitive nipples

I'm around 6w4d and have been having spotting off and on since a couple days after finding out I was pregnant. They tested my hcg levels 48 hrs apart and the levels progressed like they are supposed to. Can folks just give me some reassurance? The spotting doesn't require a pantry l panty liner, but it's still upseting seeing it when I wipe.

Re: Spotting off and on, and sensitive nipples

  • Spotting is supposed to be completely normal, if your hcg levels are doubling every 48 hours, that is the BEST reassurance you can have.  You don't need people to reassure you. Focus on the numbers!
    wabash15[Deleted User]
  • It can be disconcerting, but none of us can see or tell any better what's going on with your pregnancy than your doctor.  If they say the numbers look good and otherwise things are progressing as they should, dwell on that. ❤️
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