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Waiting and slightly annoyed (tww vent)

  I have not tested yet because honestly I have no idea when my last period was last month. I have an idea of a time frame, prior to the 15th, so I am waiting till then to test. 

Can’t really symptom spot as anything could be anything. Honestly, I’m not having many pms symptoms. My face is clear, bbs are not sore but I am emotional. 

I have had random light cramps here and there for the past week which I remember having from my first pregnancy. Haven’t had any cramping in the past day. 

My partner and I the past two nights dtd and I had a drop or two (spotting) but no af. I’ve never spotted after sex and it wasn’t more rough than normal (sorry tmi) but ugh this worries me. I put a tampon in thinking af was coming but it was just watery pink and a very small amount.  Y’all I cried after seeing spotting, CRIED, out of frustration of not knowing what was going on with my body.. My poor bf was so confused. 

Men have it easy. Thanks for coming to my ted talk. 

Re: Waiting and slightly annoyed (tww vent)

  • awilliams1994awilliams1994 member
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    I usually break out a week before my cycle and I also have very sore tits before my cycle.  As clearly stated in my VENT I don’t remember when my last cycle was so I am waiting until the 15th to test. 

    Maybe Pms symptoms, maybe pregnancy..who knows. I didn’t ask for advice or if I was pregnant or not. Only a test would be able to tell me that, not the internet. I have been pregnant before and I am just noticing things. This was a vent about my tww. 

    Also, if you never experienced spotting after sex, it is quite alarming.

    But hey thanks for stopping by! 
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    Stop spamming the boards with this crap!
  • babyodobabyodo member
    You're in the TWW and this is the 1st Trimester board, what were you expecting by posting here? 

    Me: 37 / DH: 41
    Due with baby #2: Feb 2022

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