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10 week ultrasound found Subchorionic Hemorrhage

Has anyone else had SCH during a pregnancy? This is my third baby...but first time having this issue. 

Doctor says it's small, and I haven't had any bleeding so she isn't concerned. Scheduled another US to monitor it in 2 weeks. 

Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: 10 week ultrasound found Subchorionic Hemorrhage

  • Yes. I was told (second pregnancy didn't have an SCH with my first) I had one at a 9-week ultrasound. Never had any bleeding. Currently 37+ weeks. They weren't concerned. It must have cleared up before my 20 week ultrasound because I never heard anything else about it.
  • I had on in my first pregnancy. It felt really scary because I was spotting which is why they found it but it cleared up on it’s own and it was totally fine. They are fairly common as well so I would say if your dr is not concerned at all you are just fine :) 
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  • cvillcvill member
    I did with my last pregnancy. I bled from week 6 to about week 15 or so, but eventually it cleared up on its own.
  • I had one with my daughter, and I was terrified! I prayed every night! It eventually went away! 
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