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Am I pregnant or no?

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Re: Am I pregnant or no?

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    You posted two separate threads asking the same question that’s against the TOU you agreed to when you first created an account. You can only post tests in the pinned thread at the top. Also no one can answer that question for you except your doc if you wanna get a urine test or betas done (if they’re even doing them right now).. So keep testing next couple of days or maybe try a different brand of test. Those look hard to read. That’s about as helpful as I can be. 

    *no QFP except for pee sticks*
  • I created an account 3years ago sorry I don’t remember this app has changed a lot.
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    @bhope_123 no worries just wanted to let you know. The admins usually delete the photos. Wish you all the best! 
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    Test until it's a definate yes.  Can not tell on those, wait a few days for a stronger reading. 

    Also what PP said. 
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