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WTO Thursday 4/23

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Thursday 4/23

  • Month/Cycle: 10/6

    CD: 30

    WAYDTGKU: prenatals, temping, currently NTNP

    R/R: Well as I expected, the Google Hangout music video did not work yesterday. There were way too many people and it wasn't a realistic way to do what they were hoping. So we all took selfies with signs we made and it'll get put with the song into a video. I think this way will work out way better and will look nicer too.
    I had a blast playing my new ukulele last night and recording my first video to send out to my students. Up till now, I'd been sending different music activities and assignments. My administrators mentioned that students were really missing the face to face interactions and singing so hopefully the videos will help with that. I think DH wants a ukulele too now after watching me record last night.

  • @gingermama29 The selfie video sounds great, and I'm so glad the first ukulele recording went well!

    Month/Cycle: 4/5

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: Temping, monitoring CM, Ava, OPKs, PNVs + C and B6, HIO ED during FW with preseed

    R/R: I am feeling so much better mentally than I was earlier in the week, I guess this weird period is just going to be a lot of ups and downs. I am hoping DH and I can plan a fun food delivery/movie night this weekend or maybe even go over to my aunt's for our first social distancing swim. We've also finally figured out the whole weekly grocery thing (Whole Foods curbside) so I am sure that is in the cards. So just trudging through work today and tomorrow in anticipation of weekend "fun" haha.

    CS/Q: Not yet, I think O will be in a week or so. 

    *TTC History*

    Me: 37, MH: 38; Married August 2017

    TTC #1 October 2017: BFP on 12/1/2017, DD born 7/24/2018 @ 37+1 after induction due to preeclampsia

    TTC #2 January 2020: AMA, dx with DOR in May 2020

    IVF July 2020: 16 eggs retrieved, 14 mature, 12 fertilized, 3 blasts, 2 PGT-A normal

    FET 10/7/20: BFP on 10/12/20!!! (EDD 6/25/21); First beta 10/16/20 (9dpt): 148; Second beta 10/19/20 (12dpt): 621; Third beta 10/26/20 (19dpt): 4732; Fourth (and final!) beta 11/2/20 (26 dpt): 22,000+

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  • @gingermama29 so glad you're loving your new ukulele! And yeah, not surprising that the Google Hangout was chaotic, but at least you have the quiet satisfaction of having been right about that, haha.

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 15

    WAYDTGKU: temping, OKPs, tracking CF

    R/R: I've been rewatching Sex and the City recently and that show is... bonkers. It's fun to watch for the nostalgia factor, but so much of it has aged so poorly! It's actually pretty comical. I was about six years old when it premiered, so obviously I didn't watch the original run of the show, but I wonder what people thought of it at the time.

    CS/Q: Still getting a high fertility reading on my Clear Blue OPKs, still getting a negative reading on my other OPKs, and my temps don't even remotely suggest I'm approaching ovulation. Honestly I need to read up on how exactly the Clear Blue OPKs work, because this is making me concerned that there's something wrong with my hormones. Ugh.
  • edited April 2020

    Month/Cycle: 11/10/4(al) 

    CD: 4

    WAYDTGKU: bbt, clearblue advanced digital, cheapie opks, PNV, baby asprin, maca. 

    R/R: I didn’t even try to put the puppy in the kennel last night, he snuggled with us! But woke me up early..... 😬 but at least he didn’t have to cry at night. I know I’m not the only one without much going on during this covid stuff.. Literally that, and cleaning out from under my sofas yesterday is the most interesting thing I’ve done. 😂 I did find this cool page/website on TikTok last night for a lady who teaches women about their hormone cycles and how to eat and exercise during the estrogen phase, and the progesterone phase. I thought it was pretty interesting. I’ll post a link for anyone who wants to check it out! 



    CS/Q: Not much to see yet. 

    @gingermama29 I’m not surprised that it didn’t work out.. It’s not like you can exactly coordinate when to start your song, or whatever online with so many people. I’m just imagining all the lag and people starting at different times. 😅 It sounds chaotic. Glad you’re able to find another option for your students though! That will be really cute! 

    @legallykate glad you finally figured out your grocery situation! We had an issue too, and it was stressful. Hope you continue to feel good mentally. 

    @the_most_happy sex and the city is wild! I didn’t watch it live either, but binged it a couple of years ago. I agree about aging badly. I think a lot of shows from that time period did. Did you happen to get an expired clearblue test? I ask because when I bought my first one it was expired, and I didn’t notice at first, but I got a peak reading right off the bat and I didn’t think it was right, so I checked, and returned it for another. I haven’t started opks yet this cycle, but I’m interested to see if the cheapie and clearblue coordinate! 

  • Month/Cycle: 23/18/8 (AL#2)

    CD: 6

    WAYDTGKU: PNV, Letrozole, HIO EOD during FW, tracking in FF, Conceive+, and Progesterone after O.

    R/R: Happy Thursday ladies! Not much going on here, just ready for the weekend! We had nice weather the past couple days, so of course we were due some rain today! Hopefully we can get in a couple sort walks during the breaks in the rain though...it’s just so nice getting out of the house for 15 minutes or so! 

    CS/Q: None.

    @gingermama29 glad you all were able to figure out a better way with the pictures and a song in the background...I’m sure the kids will love seeing that! Yay for your first ukulele session...it is a beautiful instrument! Too funny about YH wanting one now...is he musical too? I’m sure that would be fun to play together if so! 

    @legallykate glad you are feeling better now! Your weekend options sound wonderful!! Hope these last two workdays fly by so we can all make it to the weekend!! 

    @the_most_happy I’ve only ever seen an episode or two, but I remember them being a bit ridiculous! From yesterday (or Tuesday I think), I have the Anna of Kleve book on order...that’s disappointing it’s a little boring like Jane’s was. Katherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn were so interesting! I have never been a historical fiction reader, let alone a non-fiction reader...but I think I’ll check out The Lady in the Tower One! Would be interesting to see how much is true from her other one! @emeraldduchess recommended The Innocent Traitor that I need to check out too! 

    @photographerwife puppy cuddles sound great! Sorry he woke you up early though! Haha, I totally feel ya on the not much exciting going on! I’m struggling to even update everyday because I literally have nothing going on except work! 

  • Month/Cycle: 7/11

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: Mattress merengue, opk, Temping, PNV, dieting, no alcohol, semi tracking cm

    R/R: just exhausted I have been sleeping terribly and can barely keep my eyes open, we have been fighting more and more irritable just frustrated with quarantine and needing space.  Positive is is so beautiful today and I’m looking forward to having a lot of outside time today and this evening after work. I keeping trying to convince DH we should get a fire pit but he doesn’t want to until we build a deck. 


    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @gingermama29 Again, I think you're doing an amazing job teaching from home and keeping your students engaged. TW for LO mention: 
    DS's music teacher has been doing videos of herself teaching, with singing and instruments that they can make our of household items, it's been really cute. His main teacher is doing a google meet on Friday so they can all see each other and he can do a lesson that way (this will be the first time for that but he tested it out on Tuesday with whomever could make it and it went smoothly) All students are instructed to put themselves on mute so that only he can be heard. And when I'm teaching dance on Saturday mornings, virtually, we use Zoom - I can spotlight myself so that the live video of me is big on everyone's screen and I can mute and unmute everyone on my end. Have you tried either of those? 
    @legallykate I love your idea of doing a fun takeout night! It's the little things like that that can really perk us up, right?!

    @the_most_happy Sex and the City is soooooo good!!! Now I want to rewatch that!!

    @photographerwife Hey, I think it's very fun to clean under the couch and see what you can find hahaha 

    Month/Cycle: 19 months

    CD: I dunno... upper teens


    R/R: I think I'm going to talk to DH about us actually actively trying again after this NTNP cycle is over. I don't want to go crazy with it, as I'm really enjoying the relaxing feel that NTNP can bring, but I do want to start OPKs again. We'll see what he says....

    CS/Q: nuttin!

    Our TTC Journey
    TTC #1: May 2011
    BFP: 10/27/2011 |  EDD: 6/30/12
    DS born 6/28/12 via C/S 3 

    TTC #2: September 2018
    Me: 36 | DH: 39
    Mirena removed 9/13/2018 after 6 years
    BFP 11/11/2018 | MC @ 5.5 weeks on Thanksgiving
    July 2019 - Diagnosed with Secondary Unexplained IF
    August 2019 - 2.5 mg of Letrozole = Never Ovulated so Trigger and IUI were cancelled
    9/30/2019 - IUI #1 (5 mg of Letrozole + Trigger) =  BFP but Betas showed CP @ 4 weeks
    10/28/2019 - IUI #2 (7.5mg of Letrozole + Trigger) = BFN
    11/25/2019 - IUI #3 (7.5mg of Letrozole, Trigger + Crinone after IUI) = BFN
    12/24/2019 - IUI #4 (7.5mg of Letrozole + Crinone after IUI) = BFN
    1/24/2020 - IUI #5 (50mg of Clomid + Trigger + Crinone after IUI) = BFN and an Ovarian Cyst
    3/2/2020 - Taking a break to reset/NTNP
    11/1/2020 - At peace with where things are in life and are no long actively TTC. Whatever happens will happen and it will all be okay. <3

  • @gingermama29 sorry the music video didnt work out but glad you found a second plan. Yay for ukulele what song did you do first?
    @legallykate so glad you are feeling better. I love the indoor date idea of dinner and a movie. 
    @the_most_happy interesting about Sex and the city. I’ve never watched it but I’m curious about New York culture and if any of that may be true for the show? I would guess maybe there is some discrepancy between the two? 
    April Siggy Challenge Social Distancing

  • @legallykate I'm glad you're in a better place mentally. Your plans sound fun! I hope they work out!

    @the_most_happy I never got into that show but I'm mildly curious. I've definitely had the "not aging well" thought about a few shows I've gone back and watched.

    @photographerwife d'awwww puppy snuggles! I hear ya on not having much going on during this covid quarantine. Part of why I didn't participate Monday is cause I didn't have anything interesting to say 😂

    @bluetickgal DH is musical. We actually were in an a capella group together in college. He knows piano, percussion, and guitar. I hope you're enjoying to get a walk in today.

    @stillcozy I did The Green Grass Grows All Around. I actually was able to make a split screen video to do the call and response and harmonized with myself. It was really fun and I'm excited to send it out to my students. Enjoy all the outside time! I hope you can convince YH to get a fire pit. Mine took some convincing but he made us one last summer and I love it!

    @kpearse99 thank you friend. You're so sweet 💕. I haven't attempted a zoom video with my kids because of the sheer number. I'm the only ES music teacher so I teach over 300 students. That's awesome about the music teacher for YS though! ❤️ 
  • @gingermama29 that's a lot!! Can you break it up into grade level?

    @stillcozy I feel like I've been sleeping badly lately too - come midday I can barely keep my eyes open! ugh - I hope you get some better sleep soon <3

    @bluetickgal I hope you get some walks in!! I was going to go yesterday, because the sun was finally out, but it was so windy and chilly... so I just did some extra laps around the house haha
    Our TTC Journey
    TTC #1: May 2011
    BFP: 10/27/2011 |  EDD: 6/30/12
    DS born 6/28/12 via C/S 3 

    TTC #2: September 2018
    Me: 36 | DH: 39
    Mirena removed 9/13/2018 after 6 years
    BFP 11/11/2018 | MC @ 5.5 weeks on Thanksgiving
    July 2019 - Diagnosed with Secondary Unexplained IF
    August 2019 - 2.5 mg of Letrozole = Never Ovulated so Trigger and IUI were cancelled
    9/30/2019 - IUI #1 (5 mg of Letrozole + Trigger) =  BFP but Betas showed CP @ 4 weeks
    10/28/2019 - IUI #2 (7.5mg of Letrozole + Trigger) = BFN
    11/25/2019 - IUI #3 (7.5mg of Letrozole, Trigger + Crinone after IUI) = BFN
    12/24/2019 - IUI #4 (7.5mg of Letrozole + Crinone after IUI) = BFN
    1/24/2020 - IUI #5 (50mg of Clomid + Trigger + Crinone after IUI) = BFN and an Ovarian Cyst
    3/2/2020 - Taking a break to reset/NTNP
    11/1/2020 - At peace with where things are in life and are no long actively TTC. Whatever happens will happen and it will all be okay. <3

  • @legallykate glad you are feeling better! I also have been having lots of ups and downs, and I sometimes feel like that's just because my brain wants to manufacture some kind of variety in my days. It's a weird time! Movie night sounds fun though, anything in particular on your watch list?

    @photographerwife just check out that hormone cycle page you linked, this is really interesting! Thanks for sharing. Also just checked my Clear Blue test and it's not expired, so idk what is up with that... ugh.

    @bluetickgal have you ever read any of Philippa Gregory's Tudor series books? Hers are definitely more salacious and can be kind of cringe-y on that front, but overall I like her writing style better than Weir's because her characters feel more fleshed out. Innocent Traitor is good too!

    @stillcozy sorry you're feeling so tired and irritable, it sucks so much to be in that boat when there's relatively little you can do to get the space you need for a mental reset. Are you opposed to using sleeping aides? I swear by Zzzquil for when I need a long, solid night's sleep- just be warned that if you take too much you will feel like a groggy zombie then next morning, so I would start with half a dose and work up from there if you haven't taken it before.

    @kpearse99 good luck talking to your H about switching it up next cycle!
  • @gingermama29 I'm sorry the video didn't work out as planned but the alternative sounds great!  And I'm glad you enjoyed playing your new ukulele!  

    @legallykate I'm glad you're feeling better!  A social distancing swim sounds like a nice way to break up the monotony of what's going on right now.

    @the_most_happy I never really watched that show.  I've seen a couple episodes here and there but I can imagine how comical it is.  I'm sorry the Clear Blue and opks are giving you mixed signals.  Hoping you're still HIO just in case.

    @photographerwife Yay for some puppy cuddles!  And yay for cleaning out under the sofa! haha Sometimes you have to celebrate the little things when there's not much going on.

    @bluetickgal I hope you're able to get some walks in in between the rain.  Boo to the rain though!  Hopefully it's a nice short storm.

    @stillcozy I'm sorry there's so much tension and that you're not sleeping well.  Hopefully some Vitamin D will help.  A fire pit sounds so awesome.  I say get one now!  You can always move it once you're ready to build the deck.  Might as well get some use out of it now.

    @kpearse99 Sometimes using OPKs is nice so that you can tell when you O just for informational purposes.  I O'ed SO late last cycle and definitely would have worked myself up thinking I was pregnant when I was "late".  It doesn't have to be an added stress.  Maybe ease back into the actively trying by adding in one or two things.

    Month/Cycle: 4/4 after 3 years during round 1

    CD: 10

    WAYDTGKU: stuffin' the muffin', peeing on things

    R/R: Yesterday was a rough day.  I bent down to pet my dog and my back tightened up.  I made it to all fours, but couldn't move.  I had to call H in to help me lay down on the ground.  I took it easy yesterday, and had to skip my run.  So I'm pretty irritated with that.  I did some yoga for lower back pain and walked on the treadmill to help loosen my back up, but I missed being able to actually run and get my miles in.  I also got some pretty crappy news last night that sent me into a downward spiral.  I know I need to not set my self worth on things I shouldn't, but it's really hard.  I text my SIL who I'm really close with about it and she's helped a lot.  We set up a virtual coffee date for tomorrow.  She's a very positive person in such a way that it rubs off on you easily.  So hopefully some one on one time with her will help lift my spirits a bit.

    CS/Q: no chart, but I'm slightly confused by my body.  I've been having EWCM and some other possible O signs the past couple days which would be REALLY early for me to O.  I usually O CD17 or 18 and last month was CD27.  Of course I forgot to pee on a stick, but I'll probably do that next time I need to go just to see what it says.  We've already started to HIO EOD just in case.  Also cuz it's fun. lol

    Married 07.21.07
    DS#1 01.23.09
    DS#2 08.01.11
    TTC#3  08.31.15
    Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy/HSG 05.16.17
    Hysteroscopy 10.04.17 10.05.17
    Laparoscopy/Hysteroscopy/HSG 01.10.19
    Left tube removed
    dx: Endometriosis, Adenomyosis
    BC: February-October 2019
    TTA: November-December 2019
    NTNP: January 2020!

  • @stillcozy sorry you are so tired and getting a bit stir crazy. I hope some time outdoors today will help!
    @gingermama29 that is very cool..my mind immediately goes to Pitch Perfect (absolutely love those movies) when you say you were in an a cappella group! Sounds like he definitely needs a ukulele too! 
    @kpearse99 I hope YH is on board to more actively trying next cycle...but I’m really hoping there isn’t a next cycle for you! 🤞🏻 Walking extra around the house sounds good...you made the effort to get your steps in, that’s great! I may be doing some laps around the house tonight! Haha.  
    @the_most_happy I have not read any of hers, but I may need to check them out too. Thanks for the recommendation!
    @linzrunz we got a walk in this morning wearing our rain jackets, but I don’t know if this afternoon is going to cooperate. Hoping to get an indoor exercise in after work at least though. So sorry you had such a rough day yesterday! Sending hugs your way! 💜 I hope the virtual coffee date with your SIL tomorrow will help you to feel better about things!! So sorry you hurt your back too...hope you can take it easy, but also get back to running soon! 
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