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Teo short for Mateo, and middle names?

Hi I love the name Mateo for a boy and Teo for short, but I’m scared everyone will call him Matt or Matty which I really don’t want. What do you think? Can you ask people not to? Or is that too controlling? 
Also after suggestions for middle names that go with Mateo, our surname starts with S. 
Thank you 

Re: Teo short for Mateo, and middle names?

  • you could try and keep it to Teo, but no guarantees. If you REALLY dislike Matt and Matty, then you are taking a chance using the name Mateo.
  • Just be blunt and say, sorry, but its Mateo.  
    But just know that your kiddo may like the NN Matt and may ask friends to call him that.  
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  • Ultimately he’ll be able to choose his nickname, but I think Teo is a great nickname and I hope it sticks! My first sons name is Oliver. We were certain we were going to call him Ollie, we partly choose his name for that reason. When he arrived, we tried it on a few times and it just doesn’t feel right. So we never ever call him Ollie. We have a couple family friends who do call him Ollie, maybe 2-3 times a year. I’ve never corrected them, but he always says who? And it kind of makes me happy ☺️ I doubt many ppl will call him Matt when he’s young if that’s not what you guys call him. 
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  • I know a Matteo who is 18 and have only ever heard him referred to as Matteo or Teo.
  • I love this! And I think so long as you guys, meaning whole family including extended family,  use Teo from the very beginning then he probably won’t let anyone call him Matt. 
  • My brother just named his kid Téo.  🤷‍♀️

  • I think there will be people would call him Matty/Mat so if you don't like that then maybe you should look for another name. I wouldn't recommend telling people not to call your son a nickname as they might get offended. It is probably to controlling.
    Some other name suggestions include:
    Maceo (NN mac/ceo)
    Mario (NN rio)
    Makaio (NN mac/kai/kaio/kizzy/kaista)
    Massimo (NN simo)
    Santiago (NN tiago)
    Emilio (NN milio)
    Marciano (NN ciano)
    Manolo (NN nolo)

    The middle name could be:
    Santiago (It kind of like teo at the end)
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