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1st Trimester

Anyone frustrated with progesterone suppositories

Anyone else frustrated with progesterone

Hi there, I think I’m 5ish weeks and I’m trying not to get my hopes up but I just wanted to rant a little... also I’m grateful to be able to be on it but I never know what’s a real pregnancy symptom and what’s a progesterone side affect.... like tiredness, and sore boobs, bloating, etc.... and on the same hand I also hate how it can mask a m/c, or drag on a less than viable pregnancy.  I just wish I knew what is real, I guess.   Also, has anyone experienced cramping from the progesterone suppositories??  I’ve had dull cramping on and off all day, started on one side now other side, and they are very very low, is that normal and/or a side affect of progesterone... I don’t remember it from my other experiences with it.

Re: Anyone frustrated with progesterone suppositories

  • @bmulligan731 I know it can be hard to trust that things will be OK especially if you have struggled or had losses. Some of those signs are from the progesterone and some are likely from the pregnancy. If your doing progesterone suppositories than you will likely have less side effects from them as they work more "locally" vs progesterone injections or oral pills. cramping is normal in early pregnancy, your uterus is growing. good luck with your pregnancy
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