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Thoughts on Finnegan

So our 2 year old has called this baby boy Fish since we brought home the first sonogram picture and DH thinks Finn would be a cute nod to that. We like the name Finnegan with Finn as a nickname. We aren’t telling anyone we know any of our name options so I am looking for some thoughts.

Re: Thoughts on Finnegan

  • Finn is ok but I personally don’t love it. 

    I wouldn’t worry about giving a nod to the fish name thing, I think you should start with names that both parents love. 
  • Not a fan of Finnegan. Finn is ok but seems to be getting really popular.
    If you don't love it I'd keep looking. 
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  • Don't really LOVE it. Seems to be kind of used a lot for girls and boys. Its fine though but not great.
  • I absolutely love Finn. If my husband wasn’t against it, I wanted to name this little guy Finn. Finnegan isn’t my favorite long version of Finn. I prefer Phinneas and Finnian personally. I agree with pp that you should pick a name you both love vs trying to make your 2yo nickname happen. You guys can always call him fish as a loving nickname regardless. 
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  • Not a fan, it seems pretty trendy to me. I would stick with letting Fish be a family pet name for him and not trying to incorporate it into something he has to wear for life.
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