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Hello I’m new here

Hello my name is Bethany I have 3 kids. Last year I did something that will effect my fertility for the rest of.my life I regret this everyday and night and cry about this. I had my tubes removed last year thinking it would be best for birthcontrol since the hormones in other birth control messes with my body and makes my depressions worse and everything I even tried the copper iud it made bleed like no other and they say my only option is ivf I can’t get no loans I have no credit and I have no co signer I looked into grants but can’t find anything. My insurances won’t cover any fertility treatments I just wish I never made this mistake now I cry hoping and praying for a miracle. Adoption cost more then ivf. I just want one more little baby to add to my family only family support I have is my boyfriend.its been a rough day been on fb seeing all these babies born and unexpected surprise pregnancy’s I pray for a miracle to happen. It’s nice meeting everyone and I’m glad I have somewhere to vent 

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