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Covid-19 Elective Induction

Any mamas been presented with the option to induce because of Covid-19?  We were officially given the go ahead to decide today, and can elect as early as Wednesday, April 8 (39 weeks).  

Today my OB could feel baby’s head.  I was 1.5cm and cervix is starting soften, so she said my body would respond favorably with inducing. At my 36w growth scan he was 6lbs 6oz.  

I was induced at 39+6 with my first for pre-e, and delivered at 12hrs on the nose.  Delivery was good overall, but I tore my cervix because I dilated too fast once my water broke.  

Feeling conflicted, and looking for pros and cons based on the Covid-19 situation and my last delivery.  

Thank you for any insight!

Re: Covid-19 Elective Induction

  • I will be getting my membranes stripped to help induce labor on the 8th as well, my edd is the 14th. Simply because my son was a week over due and i don't want to be pregnant anymore. I keep getting prelabor and back contractions that will just stop after a few hour, so my body is already super sore. Just had my growth scan the other day and just like you baby messured 6lbs 6oz but i read that that can be off by as much as 2lbs. My son was 8lbs 15oz, so i welcome the thought of a smaller baby this time.

    If you are ready to get it over with, i would say go for it. Thats what i am doing.😁
  • Not sure if you already went ahead with this, but I'm in the same boat. I know one of the reasons my doctor is pushing for a fairly early induction (40wks on the nose for 1st baby) is that they're expecting a surge of cases in the area in May, so rather than waiting an additional week or two they're doing some earlier inductions. Also did membrane stripping yesterday to see if we could avoid induction in a week, but we'll see. Good luck and stay safe.
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  • I wish you and your baby are safe! Stay healthy and pray. :)  
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