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Baby moving at 9 weeks?

It’s my first pregnancy , and I’m 9 weeks 4 days. Today I had my ultrasound and I seen my little baby moving their hands 💓 ... just awhile ago I was sitting upright & felt some flutters in my lower abdomen i know it’s not gas because I’m not gassy.... is that my baby moving ?

Re: Baby moving at 9 weeks?

  • It could be gas without you being gassy...
    [Deleted User]stillcozy
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  • I've been having bad gas too & I'm only 6 wks, lol everyone told me it's too soon 😕, I like to think differently though 
  • I have felt flutters already and some bubbles. If you are thin they say you can feel more sensation and much sooner on average. But I am told it is very difficult before week 12 to really tell the difference between movement and gas. Are you showing at all?
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