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It's pretty dead here, but any questions?

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  • 🙋 I do, lol.

    What is everyone planning to do about visitors after the LOs arrive? I'm in NJ, where we're not allowed to go anywhere and my MIL lives in NY which is even worse.
  • I'm in nyc - very much on lockdown. We are planning no visitors until the city opens up again and it feels like the "peak" of the virus has passed. We'll do videochats so family can e-meet the baby. Not ideal, but seems like the safest choice. 
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  • KFrobKFrob member
    I'm in CT so it's not much better than NJ and NY.  I think we're planning on telling everyone that it's going to be a while before they get to meet LO in real life. I know it's going to kill my MIL especially but it's just safer for the babe and the older folks (God knows if we'll end up exposed at the hospital).  For now we'll stick to facetime and pictures.  I saw on CNN there's a family with a big glass slider and they're going to put a few chairs out on their deck and let family "visit" that way. 

  • KFrobKFrob member
    How is everyone holding up?  How are you preparing?  Are you doing anything different to prepare other than normal nesting?  
  • I’m in NC, and not due until the 29th, so I’m playing visitors by ear. I keep hearing that our peak should be around April 17, so depending when LO actually gets here and how everything is looking at that point, I’ll decide then. Plus, my parents and in-laws will have DD1&2 and will have to bring them home anyway, so most likely they’ll be by soon after we get home anyway.

    Nesting hit full force this week and we deep cleaned the entire house and finished the nursery (for the most part). My biggest frustration right now is that I can’t get fresh meat to work on my freezer meals. I have a handful of things already made but I just want to prep lol.
  • @skc040512 I hate that I can't plan any freezer meals! I have no idea what the store will have on any given day and it's so frustrating. Like some days the bread aisle is empty and other days it's totally stocked. I may have stocked up on bagels for the freezer. And splurged on cinnamon bread 😁
  • Im in Houston and it's not terrible here yet, but we do have a stay at home order & curfew for a couple of weeks in place right now. Im not due until the end of the month so Im hoping things will start leveling out at least in the next couple weeks if people actually take this seriously. My mom was going to come stay for a while to help out, but Im actually concerned about possibly bringing something home from the hospital to her. Theyre totally understanding of whatever decision we make, which helps with the stress. We already cant have visitors in the hospital so we may just wait 2 weeks for anyone to visit & it would definitely be family only first. 

    Otherwise trying to find the positive things to do like washing/organizing clothing and getting hospital bag stuff together! 

    I hope everyone else is hanging in there 💞
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @babybison and @skc040512 I had a breakdown after going to a store and seeing how ransacked it was when I was trying to find chicken, but that was right before they put our stay home order in place and people were freaking out.  I calmed down a bit when I went to the second store and saw that they had limits on everything and I could get meat.  We've adapted and taken advantage of working at home and having more flexibility in our schedules so we will go to the store at odd hours and stock up on whatever meat/cleaner/toilet paper they have while they have it.  Being stuck at home is great for getting all the nesting stuff done!  Hopefully you can get some freezer meals prepped!   
  • KFrobKFrob member
    Is anyone else's doctor limiting their appointments?  I had an appointment yesterday at 35w5d with an u/s to check growth and position.  Since I'm not high risk the doctor decided to do my GBS swab and check my cervix but not have me come back for two weeks.  As a person who's kind of a control freak this stresses me out!  I like the weekly appointments at the end with the cervical checks.  I know logically that knowing how dilated I am doesn't necessarily predict when LO is coming but it makes me feel better. I get the want to limit how many people are in and out of the practice but in such uncertain times it's making me anxious!   
  • @KFrob we have one per week starting at 37, and 37 for me is next week. My OB does have the option of telemedicine if we don't want to come in, but I'll probably go in anyway. I think she eliminated the week 36 appt if the GBS was already done. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @babybison They scheduled my next appointment at 37w5d.  LO was measuring at 38w in the u/s and I was already 1cm dilated.  I don't think I'll make it much further than that and I think that's the real reason it's freaking me out so much!  I can't wrap my mind around only having one more appointment, I'm not ready!  It's nice your OB is offering the telemedicine, then at least you get to ask any questions.  I was hoping this would all blow over for us end of the monthers but it's not looking that way.  
  • We were every other week until 37w and then every week until delivery. I’m now 38wks and they are keeping me on once a week. There are VERY few people in office so I think they spaced out/cancelled a lot of visits except for women close to delivery. They suggested I get a home BP cuff in case I have any preeclampsia symptoms from home we could do a tele visit if it’s between the weekly appts. I think every office is doing things differently and changing as the crisis changes since it’s all so new... 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @gingers19 My doctor did mention that things are changing daily with how they're handling everything
  • @KFrob We also changed frequency... I had a 37 week phone call, 38 week in person, 39 phones and unless I go into labour tonight, I have a 40 week (well, 39+6) in person. If I need it, 41 is also in perso 
  • Question!
    My last baby was a winter guy. But this one is obviously not. Our house is kept around 72 with heat, but have no central a/c so it fluctuates in the spring/summer. 

    Do I dress this kid during the day in long sleeve sleep'n'plays? Or just short sleeve onesies and a swaddle?
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @babybison I'm wondering the same thing!  My 1st was a Jan baby and 2nd was Oct and I'm over thinking how to dress a tiny baby in the Spring/Summer!  We keep our house on the cooler side and I'm thinking a sleeper with a short sleeved onesie under it will be okay at first but when it gets warmer outside I'm not sure.  
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