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UO Thursday 3/26

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Re: UO Thursday 3/26

  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    My UO is that I’m already ready for the cooler weather to come back. It’s going to be almost 90°F a few days this week and that’s just obnoxious 
  • bserenabserena member
    @ecat504 agreed. I love the cold and cannot stand the heat. In West TN where I am it gets so unbelievably hot and humid during the summer it is horrible. I am from the Northeast originally and miss it so much  :s
    Me: 23 DH:40
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005

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  • @Ecat504 ugh that is obnoxious! I live in MD, but on the border of DE so it has been normal temps for March.  We didn't get snow this year though, so that was a huge bummer.  Side note: the only thing that may be helpful about the warmer weather is its ability to kill off COVID-19, I just hope that doesn't mean come Fall it goes crazy again.  Fingers crossed by then we may have a vaccine or anti-viral?

  • @Ecat504 I'm in RI and it's still been chilly lately, usually in the 30-40s. Today is 50 though. I look forward to warmer weather, but we won't get into the 90s until late summer. 

    My UO is that Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday. (Maybe I'll like it more this year.)
  • lovelee3lovelee3 member
    edited March 27
    @Ecat504 oh no! I could not handle that kind of heat. A big part of why we moved to the PNW was because I needed cooler weather. I’m currently enjoying overcast and only a high of 49. 
    @warmwinter Hmmm a thanksgiving babe might make you like the holiday a bit more. I have to disagree with you since Thanksgiving is one of the holidays where I get to see a lot of family (and eat too much food without regret!). 
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