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Any of us leftovers who don't have FB probably need a place to vent!

Re: Randoms 3/23

  • chrissdeechrissdee member
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    Ugh. I'm at my 37 week appointment and BPP and the sonographer says, "Guess what he did." And I said, "He flipped didn't he?"

    Yep. Breech with less than a week to go before being induced (Sunday). I felt him do it last night but I was really hoping that's not what it was.

    But bright side is he passed his BPP. Just waiting to see the doctor now and see what we need to do about the breech situation.

    ETA: Doc went ahead and scheduled me for a c-section next Monday. She says they'll check to see if baby has turned when I get to the hospital and if he has they'll switch to induction instead but it's just easier to go ahead and have the OR reserved for c- section and then switch if necessary than to come in for an induction and then have to scramble for a cesarean. Fingers crossed this baby turns in the next week! 
  • @chrissdee that sucks!! FX LO flips in the next few days!

    we found out that my previa shockingly cleared up (the ultrasound tech was floored), so on the up side, I don’t have to worry about that or a c-section, but now I’m stressing about how locked down the hospitals will be by the time the end of April rolls around. 
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  • KFrobKFrob member
    @chrissdee Oh no!  I've felt babe do a few moves lately that have made me worry, but I'm still at 34 weeks and have a bit of time.  I have an u/s in a week to check her position for sure then. 

    @skc040512I'm super worried about my state or hospital not allowing a support person like NY has done (I'm in CT).  I can't imagine being in the hospital alone for 2 or 3 days with a vaginal birth, and I would probably have a break down if I ended up needing a C section and handling all of that alone.  I also have a weird irrational fear that doesn't really make any sense that some how the craziness of the hospital is going to make getting an epi impossible.  
  • @skc040512 @KFrob I never thought I'd be stressing like this about hospitals! I now realize how much i take for granted healthcare access. Lockdown situations and lack of supplies/anesthesia/etc have all crossed my mind.  I'm in ny and I'm bracing myself for no husband at the bedside (my particular hospital still allows 1 support person at this time). I'm 37 weeks so part of me just wants to deliver ASAP, but I know I should be patient for what baby wants/needs. I just want to bring him home and quarantine just the 3 of us until this passes! 

    @chrissdee I hope baby flips again for you! It sounds like your dr has a good plan if he doesn't though. 

  • I will say, the hospitals around me are all saying they aren’t allowing any visitors at all any more, but if you read the policy, it’s in all cases except pediatrics, maternity and emergency room patients. They’re just not widely broadcasting that. However they are temping and screening everyone who comes in, so it’s more a fear that DH picks up an unrelated illness and is running a fever when I go into labor. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @gingers19 I'm with you on now realizing how much I take for granted!  

    @skc040512 The only visitors allowed at our hospital right now are the one support person for maternity and on an exception basis for end of life patients they're allowing visitors over 18.  I'm okay with the no visitors but I am questioning when to allow visitors at home.  It's so weird that our families won't meet this LO right away.  I'm worried both about DH getting sick before I go into labor since they're screening everyone and about us catching it in the hospital.  
  • babybisonbabybison member
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    Speaking of taking things for granted...

    I went to order some postpartum things from Amazon, along with other baby stuff, and some of it won't arrive until after my due date. 

    So, same, I get the need to ship out medical supplies first, but it's stressing me out that I always thought amazon 2-day shipping would be there for me. 😬😬😬

    ETA: I live in NJ, which isn't as bad as NY yet, but we're still not supposed to go anywhere and almost all the stores are closed anyway.
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @babybison We ordered some non-necessities from Amazon with DH's prime a couple of weeks ago so we knew that the shipping was a complete mess.  Target too.  I have the Red card and also assume I'll get everything in two days, but that's not the case anymore.  On top of that they've restricted online orders on some stuff and you can only get it in store.  Luckily all the baby stuff we ordered from Target and Walmart is coming today and our Amazon stuff should be here soon.  

    Anyone else losing their minds yet?  I'm working from home and I haven't left the house since Friday and I'm finding that I'm in a bad mood and short with my family for no reason.  
  • @KFrob close to losing mind! I’m on day 18 at home with exception of 2 OB visits. Never thought I’d so look forward to a dr visit! My OB this am was very positive about the L&D floors running close to normal despite the chaos in general, so that gives me hope (I’m in nyc). Hang in there... it’ll all be worth it if we can stay healthy until our babies arrive! 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @gingers19 That's reassuring to hear!  
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