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My husband and I are struggling to come up with a boy name, we just can seem to agree. Middle name will likely be Angus but not set in stone.

I know they are all over the place 🤦‍♀️

Which Boy name? 50 votes

12% 6 votes
18% 9 votes
10% 5 votes
16% 8 votes
40% 20 votes
4% 2 votes

Re: Which Boy name?

  • Lachlan is your only choice. 

    Jack is way too popular.

    Deacon is an ordained minister, in various churches, that is a step below a priest. 

    Tate and Beau - yuck

    Carmine - just not a fan. 
  • Carmine is awesome and refreshing! 
    Beauregard / Beau
    John instead of Jack (you can always use Jack as a nn) John is very underused.
    The others are NMS
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  • Agree with John, I think it ages better and is more uncommon these days then some of the others.
  • I like Beau or Lachlan
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  • I actually really like the name Bo but not with the middle name Angus. I voted for Jack. I think Angus is uncommon so if you go too unusual for the first name it will sound over the top. 
  • I think Deacon is my favorite, it is a very cute name. The other two I really like are Beau and Lachlan. Tate and Carmine are also cute I just don’t like them as well as the others. I think you just need to think about your lifestyle and what’s your favorite. What can you imagine yelling at baseball games or whatever is you guys do. I think there will always be negative people on here and in your life. You can’t make everyone happy. You just have to go with the name you are passionate about! Honestly any of these names are great. 
  • I voted for Lachlan, but I love Carmine too. 

    I’d recommend tossing the occupational name Deacon. 
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  • Tawny87 said:
    Agree with John, I think it ages better and is more uncommon these days then some of the others.

  • My sister named her son Tate Anderson - I love it! I also think Bo is super cute! 
  • doodleoodledoodleoodle member
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    I also like Beau but not with with middle name Angus. I want to like Deacon but I just can’t. What about Declan?

    Edit: after I commented I realized this was a resurrected zombie thread. Sorry guys!
  • I like Lachlan and Tate.

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