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Which Boy name?

My husband and I are struggling to come up with a boy name, we just can seem to agree. Middle name will likely be Angus but not set in stone.

I know they are all over the place 🤦‍♀️

Which Boy name? 13 votes

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23% 3 votes
53% 7 votes
15% 2 votes

Re: Which Boy name?

  • Lachlan is your only choice. 

    Jack is way too popular.

    Deacon is an ordained minister, in various churches, that is a step below a priest. 

    Tate and Beau - yuck

    Carmine - just not a fan. 
  • saham07saham07 member
    Carmine is awesome and refreshing! 
    Beauregard / Beau
    John instead of Jack (you can always use Jack as a nn) John is very underused.
    The others are NMS
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  • Tawny87Tawny87 member
    Agree with John, I think it ages better and is more uncommon these days then some of the others.
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