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Announcement Planning?

Definitely not announcing until the end of April. I’m trying to come up with ideas and falling short. This was for our last sweet little baby (DH doesn’t like to share faces).  I like involving family but might do just the baby’s info.


Re: Announcement Planning?

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  • kelk5kelk5 member
    @hoosiermamajayden You could do Skype for the birthday party. Maybe anyone who would send a present could send it ahead of time. Then you could have everyone sing Happy Birthday on skype, cut the cake, and have your 3 year old open presents for everyone to see. I think if your 3 year old is likely to be excited about the baby that it won't take away but if there is a chance they won't be excited then I'd do it separate.
  • kelk5kelk5 member
    We've already told my parents and brothers. We were together on vacation and everyone was guessing as I was only having a small glass of wine with everyone. Probably tell in-laws via Skype within the next week or so.  We usually wait until we are closer to 16 weeks before announcing on FB to everyone. With our second we did a picture of DD holding an ultrasound and a blue onsie. It was cute, probably do something similar with the two kiddos.
  • Not sure how we'll announce this time, but I will be waiting until May to tell family, and probably July for the rest of the world.
    When I was pregnant with DD2, DD1 announced it by wearing a big sister shirt.

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  • I thought about having DS wear a shirt that says big brother or something like that and see if our parents notice. They are sometimes oblivious and I thin it will be fun to see who notices first. We won't tell them until around 12 weeks. Hopefully we will be allowed out of our houses by then! 

  • mama-bucketsmama-buckets member
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  • We wanted to do a big gender reveal the weekend of my husband’s birthday (May 2nd), however given the current state of affairs, it doesn’t seem like that will be possible. I still want to be surprised, so maybe a cake? And then tying some of those pictures into a social media announcement. All of our family, friends and my work already knows lol. 

  • @kelk5 I think we're doing that this time. With the other 2 we found out during the U/S, but this is our last, so I want to do something different.

    I'm also thinking of a "First, Middle, Last" photo for our announcement. 

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  • lovelee3lovelee3 member
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    @kelk5 that is an excellent idea for the gender! I’m totally going to do it! I think it’d really make my husband happy! 

    Unfortunately, we don’t have any family closer than 1200 miles to us 👎🏼 so things will stay virtual here. To reveal to our parents and maybe siblings, we’ll take them on a virtual (facetime) house tour of our new house mid-late April! We’ll save the last room as the future nursery and maybe have a letter board announcing the due date with u/s pics and the onesie I made to tell DH in the middle of the room. My in laws are going to lose it (first time grandparents).
    No clue how I’m going to tell friends/further family/social media.
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  • @kelk5 I really like that idea. My DH is disappointed about not being able to go to the appts right now due to COVID19, so that would be a great way to involve him.

    We haven't told our families yet and were planning not to tell until after the first appt. At this rate, we will probably have to tell them virtually, because my in laws have been very clear about not wanting visitors (social distancing). DH and I have birthdays in April near Easter, so we're thinking about checking in with them around then. We haven't decided the details other than that, but I want to surprise them in some way. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but my biggest pet peeve is that my MIL displays all "mementos" in her dining room cabinet, which I consider showy. For example, she has displayed our wedding invitation and a centerpiece from our wedding. I don't want our pregnancy announcement to be displayed. Sorry for the rant, but wondering if anyone has suggestions...
  • I need to find out how many are in there before we tell anyone . I doubt we will post on Facebook at all... maybe at 9 months with a “ya we got corona’d” since everyone is all worried about the baby boom due to this virus .. 
    If it’s twins again I may say something along the lines of “what could possibly be better then 1 set of twins, 2! “ 
    who knows my family will be shocked either way because I was so sure I was done lol ., 
    my friends will guess instantly if we hang out because I love cold beer and well that’s not happening 
  • We already told our parents and his brother (SIL and I were pregnant together last time). We've told a couple of close friends too. I think we're going to wait longer for a public/fb announcement just because I'm worried about the cyst. But when everything goes well at the anatomy scan I want to do an eye chart on DS's shirt to announce. DH is an optometrist so I have to play up the 2020 pun 🤓
  • I want to wait for our first ultrasound 4/8  to tell our parents. My husband is an only child, and my brother & sister in law are expecting the last week of April. I can’t figure out how to announce to them!
  • bserenabserena member
    We have told a couple of our closest friends so far, but that's all. We've had some scares so we want to wait until at least 10 weeks to tell family and 12 to tell the rest of our friends. I am thinking of sending my mom and sisters shirts that say "only the best moms/sisters get promoted to grandma/aunt" since I am the oldest and will be the first to have a baby :) MH's siblings already have kids though so not sure what we will do with them. Maybe a onesie or something? 
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  • @surlyjaneausten I love the Thanksgiving/ Easter combo idea. I may use that one. maybe I could go drop off Eggs to our nieces and nephews since we are cancelling the Easter get together and put the announcement in eggs.

    My other idea is dependent on DD, we bought her a Big Sister shirt and my idea was to put it on her and get her on video walking. DD is 13 months and hasn’t mastered walking yet. I thought I could send the video out announcing it’s her first steps and see how many notice her shirt.
  • @boggabunnymama it would be hilarious to come out of quarantine with an obvious bump and no one know. No, I’m not pregnant I just gained quarantine weight. Gosh though I hope we get over all this soon!
  • @hoosiermama-2 and all the other mommas with Kids who won’t get their birthday party this year. Register them on amazon. Friends and Family and buy from amazon and don’t have to go to the store or mess with shipping. I kept up DD’s baby registry for her first birthday and told anyone who asked what to get her or what she already had. I’ve read that some people think birthday registries are pushy and asking for a gift. But it makes so much more since than buying a kid a gift that they don’t want. 
  • I finally told DH last Friday... recap: he'd been in Indiana for work for 2 weeks, and he left the day I found out. I wanted to tell him in person, so I waited the 2 long weeks till he returned! I bought a Tshirt that says "This is our last one. Seriously" on it (baby #5). When he got home, he asked if I would come to the door and meet him as he carried stuff from the car to the door, and I could carry it inside.  I told him just to let me put a shirt on since I was just wearing a tank top, and i put that shirt on. 5 trips he took from the car directly towards me, and didn't even notice! 😂 I made sure to keep my arms down at my sides until he was right up to me to hand things off, and he even grabbed a boob at one point... once everything was in, he said he was going to take the rental car back right down the street quick,  and my SEVEN year old daughter asked where I got my shirt! Lol after he left she said, "Mommy, I know what your shirt means. It means you're going to have another baby!" I told her it was our secret and not to tell her brother, and just see how long it would take Daddy to notice. When he got back I followed him to the laundry room while he put all his clothes in the wash, and he even made the comment, "what, are you waiting for me to notice something?" I yelled, "YES!", but he thought it had something to do with my cleaning. 😂 after that, he wanted to take a shower and invited me to join him. I told him that would require me to remove my clothes, to which he replied, "that's kind of the point". I said, "but I'm wearing these clothes for a reason." So he finally looked and read it! He was definitely surprised. Lol and this is definitely our last one! He said he is going to get snipped before this baby comes and I told him I'm in full agreement. 

    This is the post I made on FB to announce. Yes, I'm not quite even 7 weeks yet, but we announced pretty much immediately with all of our kids. If something were to happen I would be fine sharing the news with everyone. *TW: We actually did have a CP in Dec. 2017, and had to unannounce our announcement, but it wasn't so bad.* The only one we waited a little longer to announce was our current youngest because my first appointment and U/S was on the first birthday of his brother *TW that we lost to SIDS in Aug 2017* 
    and I wanted to make the special announcement on what would otherwise have been more of a sad day. 

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  • name1109name1109 member
    @antsangel1118 that. Is. AMAZING. 

    Also many condolences to the difficult path. 

  • I found out today that DH told his mom like 2 weeks ago and never told me. Apparently his mom kept bugging him about coming over and/or taking the girls during lockdown, and it was his way of getting her to back off.
    At least now I know why she keeps telling me I shouldn't be going out.

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  • bserenabserena member
    @magdaaaa very cute!!!!
    We are waiting until 12 weeks to tell family, but now it is pretty obvious that we won't be able to do it in person so I am trying to figure out the best way to do it. I can't decide!! We also still haven't told my 2 SD's but their maternal grandma has primary custody and they are quarantining with her so we likely won't until this COVID craziness ends.
    Me: 23 DH:40
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005

  • We have our first U/S this Thursday and we'll tell both sets of Parents this Sunday on Easter. None of us are religious, but it's a traditional family day in my home and my partner deploys less than 2 weeks after we announce, and I want him to be here for that moment. He's going to miss out on all the pregnancy developments, the birth, and nearly the first 3 months of baby's life!

    We're giving my parents coffee mugs that say  "Mom 1984, Grandma 2020" and one for dad. They will also get  onsies that either says first grandchild or Better than Pumpkin Pie. Baby's nickname currently is Pumpkin. This is an unexpected and unplanned pregnancy, so there will be many emotions.
    EDD: Nov 16, 2020

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  • bserenabserena member
    @themissdevine will you be telling them in person? The mugs sound cute!
    Me: 23 DH:40
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005

  • Yes, I live on my parents' property so not only will we tell them in person, they will be get to be my support while my partner is overseas. I'm super excited to tell them we are egg-specting! :smiley:
    EDD: Nov 16, 2020

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  • bserenabserena member
    @themissdevine that's awesome!
    Me: 23 DH:40
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005

  • @themissdevine did you say pumpkin pie? 🤤 now I need pie!
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