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I don’t want to go back to work during a pandemic

Anyone else a healthcare worker returning to this mess? My parents and in-laws take care of my children on my weekend shifts so I am putting them at risk, and my husband is also a healthcare worker so it’s like doubling our chances of bring it home. I have a 12 week old I need to figure out how to pump at work without killing us all. I feel like I am going to kill my whole family just by doing my job. Anyone else feeling like an awful parent and pets for being a healthcare worker. 

Re: I don’t want to go back to work during a pandemic

  • *Person not pets lol
  • You are providing an amazing service for people that truly need your help. Take special precautions, which your workplace should be doing anyway. Change your clothes, shower when you get home, and do your best. And thank you for you are doing during these trying times.
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    This seems to be a disaster and yes I am worried too because of this pandemic and while going out
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