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Trying to Get Pregnant

Squirting while trying to conceive

I was just wondering, is it okay to squirt while trying to conceive?? Does this mess your chances up while trying to get pregnant??

Re: Squirting while trying to conceive

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  • @b_1029 oh. Ehm. Gee!!!!

  • ac-oac-o Newbie
    edited March 26
    Lol I guess not. 
    I have a question. Has anyone had a positive ovulation test before a positive pregnancy test? 
    I had four positive ovulation test today, I should be getting my af tomorrow. 
    My pregnancy test was negative. 
    I just want this so much. am I seeing something that's not really there? 

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  • ac-oac-o Newbie
    Sorry, I had no idea I couldn't talk about this or post photos. I thought that was the point of this forum but my mistake. I hope I have not upset anyone. 

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