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Game: I’m currently _____ weeks pregnant

I am drive all over town to the three specific gas stations we have in the city to find the offbrand gummy bears I like weeks pregnant.

I’ve literally driven 20 miles so far hunting for these damn gummy bears and there’s 1 more gas station I’m willing to drive to which will be like another 15 miles.

Re: Game: I’m currently _____ weeks pregnant

  • I’m currently dipping my French fries in Sriracha sauce weeks pregnant. I’m going to pay for this later but yummmm 
  • @kitkatz1990 I dip my fries in franks red hot. 🤤
    @Ecat504 I’m going to need to know more about these gummy bears! lol. My absolute faves, and the only ones I’ll eat, are Haribo.
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  • I’m currently fall asleep on the couch before dinner weeks pregnant. 
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  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    @krystrist2014 I hate haribo lol. These are Sathers brand. I don’t know where to buy them other than Murphy gas stations (owned by Walmart), you can’t actually buy them in Walmart - just the gas station. They’re like the cheapest of the cheap gummy bears lol but they taste the best and they have the best gumminess to them. I just ordered a bunch on amazon lmao! 
  • @Ecat504 and now I want gummy bears!! Lol. Yesterday out of nowhere I was craving corn weird! It’s probably been 15 years since I had corn nuts lol
  • Spiciness. Anything spicy. Green curry...had it spicy for dinner. 

    I’m currently debating kimchi for breakfast. Seriously usually not into all this spice. CANNOT GET ENOUGH. (Usually 0 or a spice level 1 gal). 

  • I’m currently just let me sleep and food aversion weeks pregnant 🤰 I’ve lost 4 pounds this week because of it. I’m forcing myself to keep my eyes open and eat anything with protein. (I’m a little over weight so losing a few pounds isn’t a big deal). 

    @name1109 I WISH I could have spices! I love most things spicy but my heartburn is killing me. 
  • I'm my own BO that no one else can smell is making me nauseous weeks pregnant. 

    Seriously the smells are killing me this time around. Last pregnancy it was super mild, later and to normal bad smells. DH says it must be a girl because so far this pregnancy is so different than with our son
  • I am buying all of the sour patch kids and taking lots of naps weeks pregnant.
  • Im feel sick after hardly eating anything but hungry a half hour later weeks pregnant. 
  • I’m going to bed at 7pm weeks pregnant 
  • @BabyL52716 omg that is exactly how I am!! It is sooooo annoying. 
  • I am *eat an entire jar of pickles in one sitting* pregnant.

    Also, I am *just keep eating different things hoping they'll make my stomach feel better* pregnant.
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  • I'm currently crying at Family Feud, begging my DH to break quarantine to buy me a green pepper, and telling my family about baby over the phone since I can't see them in person weeks pregnant. 

    I'm with you all on the spicy food and sour patch kids! The tart candies really help with my nausea. Also, Taquis for the win!!
  • @36anditsmyfirst I just died laughing at your green pepper craving. Solidarity, sister. Bahahahh too cute

    also, i am constantly tired or nauseous until I eat something then great for 20 minutes then nauseous again and eating cookies weeks pregnant. Ugh. The worst.
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  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    I’m going to bed at 7pm weeks pregnant 
    SO got so mad because I fell asleep for the night at 4 last night. Leaving him, unknowingly, in charge of dinner and bed time for 3 kids 🤣 and then the 5 year old woke up and puked on us! 
  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    @mamacara omg me too. I just keep telling random people who don't know me! Lol the people who work at the gas station by me, UPS delivery person, librarian! Lol 
  • I'm currently working from home and eating EVERY single thing in this house that isn't healthy for me weeks pregnant LOL.

  • I'm eating a second breakfast because I can weeks pregnant 😂
  • wychetswychets member
    I am eating my lunch for breakfast weeks pregnant lol.
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  • rigby32rigby32 member
    I am Mac & Cheese for lunch AND dinner weeks pregnant.
  • ejj58ejj58 member
    I am two naps a day and trying to justify eating a cookie every hour weeks pregnant
  • I am walking into the kitchen every hour weeks pregnant.

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  • I'm currently see some bacon and eggs in a movie at 10:30pm and absolutely have to have some so get out of bed and make bacon and eggs weeks pregnant. 
  • @ksdelong20 Smells kill me every pregnancy (and during my periods, last time I had one). I hated the way every. single. man. smelled when I was pregnant with AJ, to the point that I became to realize it couldn't be that they all had horrible BO, lol. 

  • I’m eating green olives straight out of the jar weeks pregnant. 
  • bserenabserena member
    @kitkatz1990 omg I am eating the same thing  :D  I just finished a giant jar I made MH get me last week. So good.
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    I just sent hubby on a pregnancy craving run weeks pregnant.

    He joked that the cravings didn't start this early with the other 2...

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  • @bserena 😂😂 soooo good!! 
  • I’m currently ‘cry while watching The Office’ weeks pregnant. 
  • I’m currently can’t stay awake or eat more than one bite of anything without getting nauseous weeks pregnant. 
  • I’m currently ‘I sobbed over not having fried rice at 11pm’ weeks pregnant.
  • JEM525JEM525 member
    I’ve been eating vegan since January and I just ate a double bacon cheese burger weeks pregnant! Might be stress eating 🤦🏽‍♀️
  • bserenabserena member
    @JEM525 I've been a vegetarian for about a year now but the past couple weeks I've been craving a burger! I've almost given in multiple times 😫
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  • @bserena and @JEM525
    not vegan or vegetarian, but not a huge beef eater, and THATS ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT! That and potatoes with lots of sour cream and butter. 
  • bserenabserena member
    @mama-buckets YUM! Now I am craving potatoes...  :D
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  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    I’m currently so constipated, I’m refusing to poop for the remainder of this pregnancy weeks pregnant. 
  • bserenabserena member
    @ecat504 have you tried milk of magnesia? I have stomach issues normally (pregnancy has actually made it better so far!) and milk of magnesia is my go to for that!
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