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Blood work

Has anyone had their betas done? I had my first round yesterday. Hcg was up but progesterone was pretty low. 
After miscarrying in December, I'm a bit on edge.

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Re: Blood work

  • crizz13crizz13 member
    No, but sending you positive thoughts. 

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  • bserenabserena member
    I've had my HCG done twice and my progesterone done once. My progesterone was sort of low but my OB said not to worry about it since my HCG was rising, and that the level doesn't mean much without repeating the test to check the trend. I would ask for a recheck/follow up blood work asap! Fx that it isn't a bad sign, I am sending lots of positive thoughts your way!
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  • bserenabserena member
    Also, just saw your levels and your progesterone is higher than mine. Try not to stress too much!! <3
    Me: 23 DH:40
    SD1 & 2: 12/01/2005

  • @bserena I have my follow up today. This is the lowest the progesterone has been of all for pregnancies. My 3rd was at 12, hcg was almost 20k before I miscarried

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  • @crystalmir91385 I've had hcg, progesterone, and estrogen run 3 times. My betas were doubling appropriately, but my progesterone went from 36 to 24 to 18. However, my estrogen went up substantially (272 to 459 to 800) and my RE said he had no concerns with the falling progesterone because of this. My instinct was to push for a supplement, but he was insistent and I have to trust his judgement. The body works in mysterious ways and sometimes it's best to trust the experts (and not rely on our past negative experience that may shadow the present).

    My last MC my Progesterone was at 8, so I totally understand your concern. Thinking of you and FX for some positive news at you follow up today.
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  • They didn't call with my 2nd set of numbers. :( I'm sure they're backed up with the whole Corona thing, but now I'll have to wait til Monday.

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