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Week 3 (Oct. 15-21) Checkin, 3/16

Estimated due date (EDD):

Week of pregnancy: 

Upcoming Appointments:



GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live?
Current pregnancy -
First BFP on 2/14/20.  Due date 10/22/20.

Previous losses - 
Ultrasound at 10w on 1/8/14 showed no heartbeat and stopped growth at 7w5d.  Actual miscarriage on 1/19/14.
Ultrasound at 10w on 12/6/19 showed yolk sac but no fetus.  Stopped growth confirmed at second ultrasound a week later; used misoprostol to finish the miscarriage.

Re: Week 3 (Oct. 15-21) Checkin, 3/16

  • Estimated due date (EDD): October 20

    Week of pregnancy: 9 weeks today! 

    Upcoming Appointments: April 8


    Questions: anyone else feeling like a narcoleptic person?!?! I literally fall asleep in my chair without even realizing it in the middle of the day!!! 😴

    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live?
    Not knowing if we will be able to return to school on April 13 like planned. I’m pretty sure we as teachers are getting paid during this time, but my poor associate isn’t. :( And I’m nervous about visiting my grandparents tomorrow to break the big news about our pregnancy, but they’ve already been out and about and on a long vacation so I shouldn’t be too worried that I’d bring it to them.
  • AB518AB518 member
    Estimated due date (EDD): 10/16

    Week of pregnancy: 9w 4d

    Upcoming Appointments: 3/24, NIPT

    Rant/Rave:  I am looking forward to when COVID-19 is no longer an issue.  It is affecting my life too much.  I just want to go back to normal.

    Questions: nope

    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live?  I am concerned about becoming infected, and I'm afraid of accidentally infecting others if I were to become infected.  I worry about whether it could potentially affect a baby in early pregnancy, but there isn't enough information to know.  Life has dramatically changed over the past week.  It bothers me when people brush COVID-19 off as not really being a big deal, but it is a big deal.  There are limited resources, and hospitals are truly at risk of running out of these resources.  ARDS is a big deal.  It is a scary time to be working in a hospital/healthcare.
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  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/21

    Week of pregnancy: 8+6

    Upcoming Appointments: had my first appointment today! Will post my ultrasound in the thread in a bit. Went well, measuring a little behind but I knew I ovulated late. Not enough for them to change my due date though!

    Rant/Rave: Waiting to hear from my governing board, but 99.9% chance that my medical specialty boards that were supposed to be in May are postponed. Their make up date is traditionally in October, so that sucks because I wouldn't be able to take it then. It's just stressful.

    Questions: are other people having appointments cancelled? I'm supposed to have one at 12 weeks and I was going to tell work after that, but it's so uncertain whether they will consider it not emergent/unnecessary with COVID and cancel it.

    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live?
    Everything is shutting down. I put my foot down at work as I was on an educational elective month and it was totally unnecessary for me to be there, so I'm mostly working from home (like 3/4ths of the time) and doing meetings via zoom. I didn't tell them I was pregnant yet, just that I was "high risk." We were going to tell all my family at Easter in person about the baby, but probably won't be traveling in 4 weeks, so I think I'm going to just tell my parents tonight now. Will be a relief for them to know. DDs daycare is still open for now, but I'm so conflicted about sending her, but I'm so sick and exhausted and don't know how I would get anything done with her home, so I'm still sending her this week. I would be surprised if they are still open next week anyway. Sorry, that was just a load of COVID rambling.
  • Estimated due date (EDD):
    Week of pregnancy: 
    Week 9!! 
    Upcoming Appointments:
    I postponed all further appointments until I can see how things are progressing on the pandemic front here locally.. also still waiting on some insurance info for out of network providers. 
    Not really a rave but Happy St Patrick's Day if you celebrate everyone! 
    Rant is that all my anxiety is manifesting into horrible nightmares and I wish my brain would just chill because I'm tired of dreaming my own death on top of the state of the world right now. 


    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live?
    its really hard to find food and it's getting worse, I'm not a stockpiler normally and even though I tried to go early to get staples, it wasn't early enough. I don't want to go out pregnant but my SO is immunocompromised and that's really rough. 
    I can only postpone my appointments so long, so I can't just bunker down for the next 12 weeks. 
    I just want this mess to be over as quickly as humanly possible and for both of us not to catch anything just trying to basically find us food so we don't starve to death. 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): Oct. 19th

    Week of pregnancy: 9th, getting excited to get to the double digits soon!

    Upcoming Appointments:
    I’m supposed to have one next Wednesday, but my office is located in the same building as an ER (separate entrance) but still, that makes me a little paranoid. 

    I’m starting to feel like this pregnancy is actually real!  I am still nervous about the carbon monoxide exposure in our home a couple of weeks ago, so I’m hoping to get an ultrasound in the next few weeks to ease some worries.

    Questions:  When did (or will) you tell your other children about baby?  I have a 2.5 year old and I am waiting until 12 weeks, but I am just curious how others handle it.

    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live?  
    I’m mostly concerned about how long this all will last.  I know that I can deal with it all for a month or two (ugh) but hearing I might have to be concerned for many months stresses me out!
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/17

    Week of pregnancy: 9w4d

    Upcoming Appointments: results of bloodwork tomorrow, and ultrasound FINALLY on tuesday!! i'm so so so anxious for that

    Rant/Rave: the bright side of being home is that i'm always sleepy and it's acceptable to nap in the middle of the day 

    Questions: does anyone else have symptoms that are fading away already? it makes me really nervous :/ like i'm not already on edge as it is, they come and go but are definitely not as strong as they were 

    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live? 
    the economy.  i lost 2 of my 3 jobs and about 80% of my income due to COVID it's a scary time to be starting a family right now. we'll get through it but if SO loses his job and he might, we're going to have serious adjustments to make and it's a lot. we wanted me to stay home as long as possible after the baby and are hoping to not have to touch our savings but we'll see. i don't know what i'm going to do. 

  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/20

    Week of pregnancy: 9 (plus 5)

    Upcoming Appointments: FX April 9th

    Rant/Rave: unpredictable weather here is making isolation with the kids harder. We even had a small tornado touch down a few miles from town yesterday. Mother Nature needs to pull it together. 


    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live? 
    Worried my appointment(s) will be cancelled. My OB posted last night she’s officially being pulled to help with Covid cases at hospital now that we have our first confirmed case. I’m also concerned with what I’ve read about how quickly it is evolving. People my age in states/towns next to me are now being added to the death count and there is an infant in my state that has it. I'm also worried about what the economy will look like about the time our babies are coming. 
  • @cocoliso13 I forgot to reply to your question. Yes mine have started to fade and come and go some as well already. Much different than my last pregnancy with DS but more similar to my first with DD. It is a little unsettling since I haven’t had an US yet but we are getting closer to second tri so it is normal and I try to hang on the that so as not to stress unnecessarily. 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/19

    Week of pregnancy: 9w6d

    Upcoming Appointments: 4/1 - MFM/genetics

    Rant/Rave: MS has really ramped back up this week. 🤮

    Questions: Where are you buying online maternity clothing? I forgot I gave mine away to an old coworker ughhh

    GTKY: What are you biggest concerns about COVID-19, and how is affecting life where you live? Everything is shut down here, kids have been out of school for a week, and my job as a nurse has never been this scary in the 8 years I’ve been one. It we run out of PPE I will not be working. I am not going to potentially risk this baby’s life.

    For the questions above: yes I am so exhausted, worse than I remember being with DD2. I think being stuck at home when I’m not working makes it worse.

    We told our 6 and 3 year old about the baby. I accidentally slipped up and originally we didn’t plan to til 12 weeks but I’m glad now because my 6 year old understands I’m not feeling well.

  • blt4820blt4820 member
    Estimated due date (EDD): 10/18/2020

    Week of pregnancy: 10w

    Upcoming Appointments: March 31st Nuchal measurement

    Rant/Rave: ultrasound at 9 weeks showed measuring 1 day ahead

    Questions: has anyone experienced a child measuring ahead? My last pregnancy ended with my daughter passing from Turner Syndrome but she measured behind schedule. Now this one shows one day ahead. Should I be concerned? 
  • AB518AB518 member
    @blt4820  Measuring one day ahead is being on track with appropriate growth which is a good thing.  Measuring behind can be concerning.  DS always measured ahead; he was a healthy baby.  My baby this time is also measuring ahead.  I'm 10 weeks 4 days today, but my baby measured 11 weeks 1 day on ultrasound today.  I also measured one day ahead when I had an ultrasound at 7 weeks 3 days.  My OB was happy with the growth.
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