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Randoms w/o 3/16


Re: Randoms w/o 3/16

  • @carrotsandpeas3 thanks it teeters between positive/hopeful and overwhelmed lol. Sorry you have to be in isolation even longer... but I’m glad they were able to give you the information to help. 

    @morethanamama until they reopen the airport or send embassy planes it’s out of our hands. No way out or into Chad.

    @coldbrew that is great news about the heartbeat!! Celebrating with you from a distance 

  • @carrotsandpeas3 sorry for the scary news! Hopefully you can just self isolate a little more tightly and be done with it. Do you have help for groceries and such?

    @courtneyjoy247 praying for a plane to come sooner than later, in the meantime we are here for you!

    @coldbrew yay for a heartbeat!

    I'm in for HDBD although all I have is a fat pooch 🙂
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  • @morethanamama we are pretty well stocked up. I figure we can also do grocery delivery if necessary or we have several people that have told me to let them know if we need anything. It just went from planned social distancing/semi quarantine to for real quarantine, so I'm sure we will run out of something.

    @coldbrew yay for heartbeat! I'm thinking I might end up purchasing a Doppler if my future OB appointments are cancelled.
  • @carrotsandpeas3 That is scary that it hit so close to home for you. We just got our first case in our town yesterday so I feel it creeping in here but not in any of our close circles yet. 
  • @coldbrew yay! I can't wait until I'm far enough along to use my fetoscope, I really want to hear baby's heartbeat especially with everything else going on. 
    I know the internet gets pretty triggered when someone suggests they feel early movement and generally I'm skeptical too.. but this thing I've got going on is weird and it's not like any stomach or muscle spasm/upset I've ever experienced but it does feel exactly like the first flutters I got last time. I'm doubting myself out of belief most of the time but it keeps happening and weirding me out. 
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