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Hospital Visitor Restrictions due to COVID-19

Hi, all! So with all the restrictions coming down due to COVID-19, I wanted to reach out and see what you were learning from your OB team/hospital regarding visitor restrictions.  I just learned that I will be able to have "one visitor" - and that my husband counts as that person.  He isn't allowed to leave the hospital and come back (can "only enter once a day").  Sometimes you just need your momma or a best girlfriend, and I fully expect giving birth will be one of those times for me.  Ugh.  Tips on getting through this?  I am due April 1 ... so could literally go into labor any day.  I've created a playlist on Spotify and have debated on taking a portable oil diffuser, definitely will be doing so now.  I get it, and respect and appreciate leadership's decisions to protect our society ... but selfishly I'm so sad and discouraged.  I thought I'd at least be able to have my mom in the delivery room with me!

Re: Hospital Visitor Restrictions due to COVID-19

  • I’m in Southern FL, I was told our hospital is on “lockdown” and sounds very similar — one “support” person, in my case, my husband. Sounds like they will also be screening everyone coming in, so if he’s sick at all they won’t allow him. It is a scary time, but you’ll be good as long as your hubby is there! We won’t have any family either (they all live out of state so they can’t even fly to come meet the baby after), but just trying to keep my husband quarantined and healthy too to ensure he can be there with me, because doing it completely alone is what would really freak me out! I’m honestly concerned about even going to the hospital at all at this point, if this had happened earlier I might have considered a home birth ha. Good luck to you mama, you’ve got this!
  • I was due Apr 2 (gave birth on Sunday) and restrictions were in flux, while we were at the hospital. On Sat and Sun, all visitors were screened for temperature and travel history and visiting hours had been reduced in hours and number of visitors (from significant other +2 visitors to significant other +1 visitor). For my labor, my doula was considered my 1 visitor. On Sunday, we were told that, starting Tuesday, NO visitors would be allowed, though significant others/other parent were not being considered visitors. My doula was told that it would mean no doulas, though I wasn't going to need her by then, obviously, and she was armed with information from various sources, regarding a doula's medical necessity. It remains to be seen if doulas would actually be restricted or not, as I was discharged on Monday.

    I totally feel you on wanting to have Mom around. Mine lives in another state, now, so wasn't planning to be there, anyway. Try to take heart in that not having them there keeps them, you, and that new babe as safe as possible, as well as all of the other moms and new babies. With your health, you'll be home soon enough, and can have as many visitors as you are comfortable with ❤
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  • It sounds like all of the hospitals are having similar restrictions. My Hospital is locked down with someone screening symptoms when you enter and only one visitor allowed. I’m bummed our parents won’t be able to come to the hospital to meet the baby when he’s born. 
  • As of now my hospital (Virginia) is allowing a partner & a birth coach, so for me that would be my husband & mom, but I could see them taking away the birth coach any day now. I'm not due until April 23, so I'm hoping things are at least starting to get better by then & that little man will go full-term (maybe even going 2 weeks over won't be so bad now if that means it's 2 weeks further away from the climax of this virus). As long as my husband can be there I'll be okay.

    My OB office is only allowing significant others, so my husband will go to my last US next week, but I'll let him pass on the weekly appointments after that. My mom is sad to miss out on the US, but hopefully I'll get a good photo to show her.

    Thinking of you all! I'm happy to know I'm not alone <3 

  • It hasn't happened yet but a friend of mine who works in the hospital told me that if things continue to worsen, I might not even be allowed to have my husband come. 😱😭. Really hoping it doesn't get to that but have to remember these restrictions are just trying to keep us and our little ones safe during this crazy time. 
  • @nicoleyolee hope that doesn’t happen! My OB said our hospital would only deny a spouse or partner entry if they were being watched for covid or if they had a positive test. Thankfully, even if they do continue to tighten visitor measures, they’ve told OBs that they do not see a circumstance where a laboring woman would be denied a support person - it would just have to be someone in the clear. I told my husband there was no way he was going back to work between now and baby if that is still in effect, even if his company starts pushing for it, because I’m not changing him catching something that makes him spike a fever 😅
  • Hello!
    I am due April 20th and just found out tonight my husband is not permitted at any of my ob visits from here on out. Not even ultrasounds bummer! I understand the need but it absolutely is concerning to me. How are we supposed to make “decisions” if need be without our SO present. My mom also just sent me an article about hospitals in NY that aren’t allowing SO at the birth now because of Covid-19. I am really hoping it doesn’t come to that in Ohio. I have 4 weeks left though and I am afraid my delivery is going to come at the height of this mess. I couldn’t be more worried.
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @Abigail5800 I just read that article about NY last night and I broke down since I'm in the tristate area and my state has been following suit with NY on most of the restrictions.  I feel like it's only a matter of time before we have the same restrictions.  I know it's to protect everyone but the thought of DH not meeting the babe for the first 2 or 3 days of her life is heartbreaking for me.  This also make me rethink the packing of my hospital bag.  I'm going to need to make sure I pack things that I would have normally put him in charge of as well as plenty of snacks and things to keep me sane.  I'm also going to need to make sure and keep my phone as close to 100% charged as possible so we can face time.  Thank god for technology in this crazy world.   
  • Ughhh I hope Virginia doesn't come to that. I have an ultrasound on Thursday which my husband is still allowed to go to as of now & I hope the doctor is ready to answer a bunch of questions. I can't imagine having our first child without him being there :(
  • Dirty lurker from August, but I felt this was important enough to share. 

    If hospitals are forcing you or your friends to give birth without your husband or a companion, they are NOT acting within the guidelines for handling Covid-19. 

    From the WHO:

    "All pregnant women, including those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infections, have the right to high quality care before, during and after childbirth. This includes antenatal, newborn, postnatal, intrapartum and mental health care.

    A safe and positive childbirth experience includes:

    • Being treated with respect and dignity;
    • Having a companion of choice present during delivery;
    • Clear communication by maternity staff;
    • Appropriate pain relief strategies:
    • Mobility in labour where possible, and birth position of choice."
    Personally, I would say having high quality care and being treated with dignity and respect and allowing for mobility and different birth positions would also preclude doctors forcing inductions on women as well, which is something I've heard might happen. 

    Please fully inform yourself and push back!

    https://www.who.int/news-room/q-a-detail/q-a-on-covid-19-pregnancy-childbirth-and-breastfeeding  (Click the "what care should be available during pregnancy and childbirth" question.)

  • I just talked with my ob today and she said it absolutely could come to this. Unfortunately, there is little they can do because these are unprecedented times. I also just found out she will not be delivering my daughter unless it is scheduled (which wasn’t offered today because everything looks good for me) because due to restrictions at the hospital they are only permitted to have one doctor at the hospital a day from each practice. I understand the need for all of this, I really do, but my anxiety is through the roof. I actually felt really bad for her as a provider because I know she is actually really upset about all of this too. I am NOT telling anyone this to scare them. I just had a panic attack about all of this yesterday, and crazy as it sounds, I feel better after facing these and accepting them as possibilities today. The unknown was killing me. 
  • As of last week, No hospital in Portugal is allowing anyone besides mom/ patient to enter the hospitals.  So I'll be doing the thang alone! 😭😭😭   I've read the WHO  info and brought it up with my Dr but the state of emergency overrides that, in Portugal anyways. 🤷☹️   We will keep looking for other options  but trying to accept and just prepare as much as we can. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @nicoleyolee oh my gosh!  Good luck!  If it helps at all, during the actual pushing process I go it alone since DH will pass out at the sight or even mention of blood and medical stuff so he gets kicked out.  In that moment there's so much going on and you're so focused on getting the baby out that it wasn't that big of a deal that he wasn't there (at least that's my experience).  I am definitely worried about being alone afterwards though.    
  • These major hospitals are fully aware of the WHO/DOH recommendations and are making these decisions anyway. You can push back all you want, but I expect that the massive security presence at the entrance to my hospital would make quick work of my husband if we made too much of a fuss. Right now, we are still allowed one visitor who can't leave, and I sincerely believe in the humanity of the health system I chose to not allow any further restrictions. But, these are unprecedented times. I feel relieved that they've scheduled me to induce at 39 weeks (next Tues), but needless to say my anxiety is through the roof. What if my husband happens to have a low-grade fever on the day we go in? 

    Also doesn't help that I've been diagnosed with late-presenting GD (likely had mild GD all the time and they didn't catch it). So I've just started a low carb diet and 4x day finger sticks. This is not a time to be without my cravings/comfort foods!

  • KFrobKFrob member
    @danibean19 good luck next Tuesday!  FX there’s no further restrictions. 
  • @KFrob very true!!!   In the beginning my husband wasn't sure he could handle being in there, but after birth classes he seems more prepared but you never know how he will do in the day 🤣🤣 . But then again it would be so hard for him to be outside wondering WTH is happening inside and waiting for us to be released a few days later. 

    We have found one hospital a few hours away which will still accept partners.. but who knows what will change by my due date of whenever baby decides to show up.. or if we have time to make it there! Let's see, for now I'm just relaxing and trying not to think too much! 
  • Anyone else feeling a bit hormone induced crazy coming on and started threatening to just give birth at home if the hospital isn’t allowing partners? No? Just me then, okay 😂😂 As tempting as it is, I doubt I actually have the will to do it.
  • I am thinking of all of you and I am so sorry this is all happening right now. I will keep everyone in my prayers. Stay strong and healthy mommas! 
  • Had my 36 week ultrasound today. Baby is as breech as can be with no room to move, so we have scheduled a C-section for 39 weeks. The doctor said he doesn't see our hospital restricting my husband from coming, so that helped with my anxiety.

    Thinking of you all!
  • Sending you all the best wishes and good vibes!  I had my 37w appt today and was told I’d be induced between 39-40 weeks given the virus is still escalating.  They want to get baby out and get us home and out of the hospital as quick as possible at this point.  It’s scary, but gives the best odds to keep us healthy and to have a support person during delivery.  They’re anticipating having to eliminate a support person (even hubby) if we go longer.  This whole thing makes my heart hurt for us mamas having to think about doing this alone and making so many little sacrifices right now.  Prayers for healthy and happy mamas and babies as we conquer this! 
  • I saw that that New York State has overturned hospitals denying a support person during birth,’so those hospitals that weren’t allowing it now have to
    allow birth partners. That was promising to me! 🤞🏻 

    @nicoleyolee so sorry you are going through all of this!
  • I am in Pennsylvania and my husband is allowed to be there as my one support person. However, once he comes in he has to stay for the duration of our stay. Once he leaves he can't come back in. He won't be allowed in the hallways even to go to a vending machine even. Must stay in the room with me until discharge. We both will have to wear masks the entire time and have our temperatures screened 2-3 times daily. 
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