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RSVP to a wedding or not?

Could use some advice. A good friend is getting married a month after my due date (I'm currently 35 weeks). I'm not sure how to RSVP. Will I want to leave my baby yet? I plan on nursing (or trying to). Should hubby and I both go or just me or neither? Is it crazy to think of a night away that soon? When did you first leave your baby for an evening? TIA!

Re: RSVP to a wedding or not?

  • @lcmiller21 keep in mind that your due date isn’t set in stone. Your doctor is likely to let you go up to 2 weeks past, and if this is your first, your more likely to edge your way at least a few days past 40 weeks. On top of that, if you do go longer, you'll probably be in the hospital at least one night unless giving birth at a birthing center. I would highly suggest talking to your doctor about restrictions you may be on during your recovery. 

    Other things to keep in mind: you will be sore, sitting for long periods may not be very comfortable, and you’ll be sleep deprived. As far as leaving baby, DH and I went out for about 2 hours for the first time about a month after DD1 was born, and about 3 weeks after DD2. Both times my boobs felt like they were ready to explode by the time we got home. It’s nice to get out, but keep in mind you’ll be recovering from a major procedure.
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    Like @skc040512 said you’re going to be sore, exhausted, and dealing with engorgement, plus probably super emotional.  Maybe just go to the ceremony? This is my 3rd and I can’t imagining leaving LO that soon, but everyone is different. 
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