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Week 3 (Oct 15-21) Check In: week of 3/9

Estimated due date (EDD):

Week of pregnancy: 

Upcoming Appointments:



GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

Re: Week 3 (Oct 15-21) Check In: week of 3/9

  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/21

    Week of pregnancy: 8 weeks today!

    Upcoming Appointments: 3/17, finally less than a week away

    Rant/Rave: Rant-COVID is messing lots of stuff up at work and lots of major work related events have been put on hold for the next few months. I think it is all reasonable since I work at a hospital and there will likely be more cases moving through here (had a few already). It's just stressful.
    Rave-DHs trip to DC got cancelled and "at this time" they are not rescheduling it. I'm so glad to have him home for the next few weeks. 

    Questions: nausea is out of control, can someone give me a miracle cure? Jk I know there's not one. I'm already on B6/unisom and only throwing up once a day on average but it's annoying.

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done? I'm a pretty cautious person, so this is hard for me. Maybe having not 1 kid but now 2 while in residency with no family help in the immediate area? Plus, after my first pregnancy, my boss essentially said "don't expect us to be this flexible with a maternity leave if you do this again..." and now I did anyway. Haven't told him yet.
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
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    Estimated due date (EDD):
    10/18 (why am I always due on the third week lol)

    Week of pregnancy: 

    Upcoming Appointments:
    Today and tomorrow at two different places to see which is the better fit for us. 
    My MIL is pissing me off. She straight up informed me she's coming out to visit this summer, call me old fashioned but I thought it was common courtesy to at least ask.. it doesn't work for me for her to visit though because we weren't planning to tell in laws until the third trimester and we have a trip planned to fly back east for a good friends wedding so we were going to tell them then. I suppose they could come out end of July but I don't want to see her twice in one year. 
    I seriously can't even with her. 
    None right now
    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
    I met a group of homeless people online and signed up to travel with them working around the states. It doesn't seem super daring to me.. but I'm boring AF soo 

    Edit to say @carrotsandpeas3, try to eat a super lot of protein and see if it helps! 

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  • babyodobabyodo member
    Estimated due date (EDD): Oct. 18th

    Week of pregnancy: 8

    Upcoming Appointments: First US on March 23rd

    Rant/Rave: Rant - I moved offices at work yesterday, and my new office is located with a cube farm of 28 other people, and they talk ALL. DAY. LONG. It's like a hive of bees buzzing for 8 hours straight, and it's already driving me crazy. Like, do y'all not have enough work to do? Because I'll give you some if you want, lol.
    Rave - Despite the constant chatter outside my door, I am happy with the change, even though it's brief (6 weeks - I'm covering for someone temporarily). I'm much busier here, which makes the day go by faster.

    Questions: Nada

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?: That's a tough one, because I've done some pretty ballsy things in my life. I joined the military when I was 17 years old. I've been married and divorced twice, and leaving my previous husbands was a hugely terrifying thing at the time, but in the end it was what was best for me. Also, going through the #1 grad school program in the country for my specialty while I was still active duty military was also pretty scary, but I am so glad I did it. That's when I really started to feel like a grown up, if that makes sense.
    Me: 35 / DH: 39
    TTC #1 since May 2019
    BFP#1: Aug. 2019
    MMC - Oct. 2019 (10 weeks); D&C Dec. 2019
    BFP #2: Feb. 2020

  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/19

    Week of pregnancy: 8

    Upcoming Appointments: MFM/genetics and 1st ultrasound on 4/1

    Rant/Rave: We are most likely canceling our Disney trip for April 😭 DD2 is high risk so we can’t chance it. 

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done? DH and I opened our own brick and mortar business 10 years ago. We no longer own it but it was definitely a big move.
  • Ooo I’m excited for who’s in week 3 group!! Lots of familiar faces ( or not so faces lmao). 

    @carrotsandpeas3 ugh this COVID is driving me nuts as well and my school district has been in hysterics for weeks and our state only just got our first three confirmed cases today. (Major rye roll since almost half my class including me got the Flu this year and no one blinked an eye.) also preggy brain had me thinking your screen name was saltandpepper 😂

    @kalesix3 ughhh me too! Every single time I’m week three and it always makes the last month miserable when you have to watch everyone else go into labor before you. I guess it’s better than week 4 but still! 



    appointment: April 9th (forever)

    rant/rave: spring break and double birthday party start this weekend! That’s my rant and rave. Excited but exhausted and not ready for my house to be full of the millions of out of town family that’s coming. 

    Questions: nah

    GTKY: ehh nothing really exciting. I guess moving from a town of 8,000 to a city of 600,000 3 days after I graduated HS at the age of 17 to be a live in nanny for two kids (one deaf) and the family was pretty much complete strangers.  Anything that has to do with heights or speed though count me out! 

  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/20

    Week of pregnancy: 8 

    Upcoming Appointments: apr 2nd

    Rant/Rave: hubby hasn’t been the most patient person getting home from work lately. So instead of helping me with DD and the pets I end up taking the whole load as if he wasn’t home. 

    Questions: nope. 

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?

    i don’t really go out of my comfort zone ever. I’m a creature of habit. The two things I can think of are moving to Texas to be with DH and opening my own business here. 
  • babyjjm2020babyjjm2020 Just Joined
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    Estimated due date (EDD): 10/19/2020

    Week of pregnancy: 8weeks 2 days

    Upcoming Appointments: April 14th (farrr) but I'll be 13 weeks then. Only date Dr was available smh. 

    Rant/Rave: I have wknd trip coming up for a friend's birthday it was going to be a couples thing but now she invited all of our friends from hs. I was going to tell her the news but my DH thinks I should tell everyone. I do not want to share the news with the full group yet. They can be exhausting and I'm just not interested in being bothered with them. Now I'm dreading the trip I s looking forward to. Ughhhhh. But we are telling our parents next weekend so that's exciting. We ordered some fake lottery scratch offs to share the news. 

    Questions: I haven't been nauseous but I feel gross and uncomfortable overall. Like bloated and super fatigued. Am I the only one?? 

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done? Hmm first thing that came to mind was riding random folks motorcycles. I've done crazy things but too many to choose a top one. I'm much more reserved now lol
  • @babyodo I sit in a cube farm too, so I can definitely commiserate. Usually mine is very quiet, but one of my co-workers has taken to coming over to one of my neighbors desks and talking loudly for 30-40 minutes midday. It's been driving me crazy!
    @coldbrew so sorry about your Disney trip. It's probably a smart decision though. Are you going to be able to do something else instead or just reschedule?
    @JLaVO888 I kind of wish my name was saltandpepper now. Reminds me of the hip hop group and is way cooler than I actually am! 😂
    @babycakesday I'm sorry your husband is not being helpful. Have you been honest with him that you need more help right now? I think it's easy for my DH to forget what I'm going through since I don't look pregnant yet.
  • @JLaVO888 someone who gets it 🙌  it's crazy how it's always week three for us! 
    I obviously know it's too early to rest even think about it, but I'm convinced I'm going to go early. Last time I went earlier than everyone was telling me and I had her the exact day that had stuck in my head the entire pregnancy, so I'm hoping I'll have similar luck this time 🤞 

  • Estimated due date (EDD): October 20

    Week of pregnancy: 8 weeks

    Upcoming Appointments: Just had my first appointment on Tuesday, and the next one is April 8.

    Rant/Rave: it’s finally spring break for me! I’m just worried that all this COVID-19 is going to screw up our school return dates, especially since my preschoolers will never be able to do “online learning” if that’s the case. And our friends are getting married in Utah on the 28th so I hope it doesn’t mess up our travel plans!

    Questions: none

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done? Oh boy. I’m a pretty boring person 😂 Id say drink an entire alcoholic fishbowl by myself in college.... YIKES
  • calliahcalliah member
    Estimated due date (EDD): 9/15

    Week of pregnancy: 9 weeks
    Upcoming Appointments: first appointment is 4/2

    Rant/Rave: no r/r this week, just randoms. Jackson, my 6 month old, had to have an echocardiogram at 4 day old because his pulse ox was not doing what it was suppose to after birth. They found a small patent foramen ovale. The cardiologist said she was confident that it would close. He had is follow-up appointment yesterday and the hole closed! I’m happy about that because a PFO as a adult can be a bit dangerous, increasing risk of stroke. 
    She did say that the PFO raises our risk for congenital heart disease for future pregnancies (3 percent vs 1 percent normally) and recommends a fetal echo after the anatomy scan. So that will have to be worked in. 

    Oh, I do have a rant. Covid-19 is seriously lowering the patient load at my hospital and we are having to cut major hours :/ I’m losing a whole day tomorrow which sucks because I really need to save my PTO for maternity leave and I don’t have much since I just used it all on my leave last September-November 

    Questions: Nope

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done? I quit my job (that I totally hated) in 2015 to go back to school. I took the prerequisite classes for the sonography program at my community college and just hoped I’d get in. They have 50 or more people apply every year and only 16 get in. Definitely took a leap of faith and it paid off!
  • calliahcalliah member
    @carrotsandpeas3 sometimes you just need to do what’s right for your family. Hopefully your boss is somewhat reasonable. 

    @kalesix3 ugh, how annoying of your MIL. At least she gave you a bit of a heads up? I seriously hate when people think they can just show up wherever whenever they want. My in-laws will just show up at our house, drives me nuts. 

    @babyodo cubes are so annoying! I know they save space and allow more people in an area but I would get so distracted when I worked in a cube farm and people would stand at my cube-mate and chat. At least it’s temporary!

    @coldbrew so sorry about your Disney trip :( I know it seems like people are unnecessarily freaking out but it’s really the most sensible thing. We really need to flatten the curve and not overwhelm our health care systems. Hopefully you can reschedule!

    @babycakesday I know it’s hard, but try to tell him you need help! I really can’t talk myself since I’m bad at telling MH what I need and want. It’s something I’m trying to work on. 

    @mamahouch a whole fishbowl sounds like a great accomplishment 😂 I once almost drank a whole fifth of rum myself. Such a bad idea. Threw up in my friend’s dehumidifier and had to crawl up the stairs. 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): October 19th

    Week of pregnancy: 8, almost 9 as I measured a couple of days ahead at my last appointment :smile:

    Upcoming Appointments: I have an appointment tomorrow morning.

    Rant/Rave: I’m a little anxious that all is going well with baby.  I had a good 6.5 week appointment with good heart rate.  But we had a little carbon monoxide scare at our house last week.  Luckily we had a detector and got out with seemingly no symptoms or poisoning, but I’m still worried the exposure may have effected baby in some way.  

    Also we are supposed to fly to FL for a friend’s wedding next week so I’m hoping we’ll still be able to go!


    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?  Honestly, I’m not sure!  Maybe quitting my teaching job to find a part time position and have more time with my son.  Orrrrrr maybe deciding to have a second child lol... a little scary to think of starting fresh again!
  • @kalesix3 Don’t jinx yourself! I had DD(first) a week early so thought for sure I’d have DS(second) early as well. He came a day late. 
  • @ellemnop90 I feel you on quitting teaching as a crazy move. I just decided to do the same like two weeks before we found out we were pregnant With our third(surprise!) so I’m a little double freaked as well but also so so excited for this new chapter! 
  • @JLaVO888 yes, it has been a big, but good change!  I wanted to do it right after my son was born (he’s 2.5) but I was in such a good district (with great benefits) so it was difficult to give that up, but so worth it!

    What a crazy end to your last year, huh?
  • @carrotsandpeas3 yes we are going to go next March. So something to look forward to eventually!

    @calliah yay for a closed PFO! DD2 had CHD and 2 heart surgeries so I get it! 

    @ellemnop90 very scary but I’m glad you had a detector!

    I am dreading having to work this weekend with all of the covid panic. 
  • @ellemnop90 I wish I would have been able to leave when my first was born. I can’t believe she’s already 4 and I’ve pretty much missed all her small years. 

    Yes it’s been a hectic week! 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/20

    Week of pregnancy: 8.3

    Upcoming Appointments: 12 week appointment on 4/9

    Rant/Rave: I have a rant and a rave. first the rant: I’m SO sick of being sick!!!! Since 4 weeks I’ve had constant Nausea, cramps, bloating, angry GI, can’t tolerate most food, but hungry, exhaustion. It’s awful. And the worse part is that it’s unpredictable, there’s no pattern.
    And now for the rave:  I was not planning on telling my manager/work about the pregnancy until it was inevitable, but I was so sick this week that I felt like I had to tell her since my work is suffering. Luckily she is very supportive and told me to do what ever I need to take care of myself. She also said I can work from home as needed. I am lucky that I have great boss and the type of job where I can work remotely as needed.  

    Questions: when are you planning on telling your work, if at all?

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done? Hum, not a lot. I got a bunch of piercings when I was a freshman in college 😆
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
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    @calliah well she lives in Virginia and we live in Colorado so she kind of has to say something.. but still, maybe say "hey what do you think about taking a trip with us this summer" instead she told me by complaining that our neighborhood is expanding and we have more townhouses going in right across the street, she was like "ugh I won't even know my way around when I come visit this summer". Like.. wow lady. 
    I can't believe some people's audacity to just show up, I'm sorry about your in laws. I probably couldn't handle it. 
    @JLaVO888 haha I'll try not to jinx myself! I did see a study that babies spaced close have a higher chance of earlier births so we'll see! 

  • AB518AB518 member
    I'm a little late for the check-in, but I'll still post.

    Estimated due date (EDD): 10/16

    Week of pregnancy: 9w 2d

    Upcoming Appointments: 3/24, NIPT

    Rant/Rave:  I wish that I would have canceled my trip this past week because traveling during first trimester isn't fun.  It was a friends trip.  While everyone else was having fun, I just felt miserable, and they didn't seem to fully understand.

    Questions: nope

    GTKY: What's the most daring thing you've ever done?  The most daring that I've done was probably moving to a new city and state for a job when I didn't know anybody in the area.  Everything worked out.  I ended up meeting my husband, I built my career, and I made new friends.
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