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Weekly Random 3/9

Anyone around?  Anyone have any randoms?

Re: Weekly Random 3/9

  • Wow it’s quiet around here now! 

    33 weeks tomorrow and I’m doneeee. I’ve been on lift, activity and pelvic restrictions for about 4 weeks and I’m ready to pop this baby out. (Yes of course I want him to be full term. Is there just a fast forward button I can get?) 

    We also found out at our last appointment that I’ll probably be delivering 3 weeks early due to previa. Which of course is currently the day after DD1’s birthday so this could get interesting...I feel like I’ve got a million things left to do, and I’m so far behind in prepping but I just keep getting distracted. Or falling asleep. So we’ll see if anything actually gets done that needs to be lol
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    @skc040512 I would be crawling out of my skin if I was on restriction!  I'm 33w tomorrow and also done but at the same time in a panic that we are not prepared.  Since DD2 and this LO will only be 18 months apart it feels like we need double of a lot of stuff.  I've been waiting to buy anything until we get our tax return, our bonuses at work and the pay checks from DH's seasonal coaching side gigs.  Now with this virus we're not sure if his high school coaching job for the spring is going to get canceled.  I just want to be home, nest, and shop for all the baby things! 

    SD and DD1's birthdays are two days apart.  I was so scared that they were going to have the same birthday.  We started out being adamantly against a shared birthday party and after a couple of years we gave up since it's just easier to get everyone together for one party.         
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  • @skc040512 I feel ya! I'm so done being pregnant! I made it to 37 weeks today and I've never made it past 35 before so I'm un uncomfortable and unknown territory. This is the only pregnancy I haven't been on bed rest. I understand how much it sucks to be on restrictions. Hang in there! You're getting close and doing great! 

    Because of my weird uterus, I'm totally out of room in there. (I have uterine didelphys, or 2 uteruses so each one is smaller tblhan a normal one). So this baby is in the left uterus, which is under the left ribcage now rather than the middle of my abdomen. My dang ribs feel bruised and stretched all day and I'm dying. Drama I know, but dang it hurts! If I make it another week, my midwife said she'll do a "vigorous" cervical check and unofficially strip my membranes. I was 4cm and 60% effaced at 36 weeks so I'm just waiting and waiting and no baby so far. I commend everyone who makes it to 40 weeks or beyond!
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @mwill291 congrats on making it this far!  Also, I can't imagine having baby suck to one side like that!  I feel like my belly gets sore now with LO in the middle, it must be so uncomfortable for you!  
  • skc040512skc040512 member
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    @mwill291 ahh it’s awesome that you’ve made it this far!! This LO was transverse until last week, and basically only moved his feet and would constantly kick my right ribs. I can’t even imagine him actually being fully on that side! 

    DH and I finally started putting together the nursery, and I’ve been making a list of what I need to get done and, uh, apparently I’ve been procrastinating this go around 😂 I’m at the “eff it. Just make sure we’ve got the essentials” phase. 
  • Agree with everyone- 40 weeks is LONG! I’m at 35 and feel like I’ve reached the finish line but could have 5 full weeks to go (and some!). It feels like he’s dropped, but I’m a FTM so can’t be sure that’s what I’m feeling. 

    We got our crib set up this weekend! It’s in our bedroom, and it’s very surreal seeing it every morning when I wake up. 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @skc040512 The midwife I saw at my OB's office last appointment asked if we were ready.  I said no way and she was like "eh, 3rd kid problems".  
  • I had a midwife appointment yesterday and we are officially in the clear to have a baby at our hospital if he comes early at this point. I’m at 36+6 today. If it was before 36 we would have to go to a hospital with a NICU. It’s getting closer! My midwife doesn’t do cervical checks until labor starts, so I don’t know if I am dilated or effaced at all, but baby is in position and she felt his head pretty far down there. 

  • So I work at a hospital in Atlanta and just received notice hat labor and delivery and postpartum units are now only allowing one support person during delivery and for the remainder of the admission. No children (including siblings) are permitted and no other visitors. If the support person leaves during the admission they may not return until mom and baby are discharged. I am so saddened that this coronavirus mess has ruined what would be a great birth experience. I would just urge you all to check with your local hospitals to see if they have any visitation guidelines so you can be prepared. 
  • @mwill291 we got word on Friday that our hospital is doing something similar. We were already under flu protocol which keeps kids from under 12 from coming to the maternity, postpartum or NICU areas, but didn’t limit visitors. With it looking more and more like I’ll be having a C-Section, I’m really hoping our hospital will allow multiple visitors, just no more than 1 at a time. Either that, or I’m praying for a quick discharge because I’m gonna go bonkers sitting in the postpartum room.
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    Our hospital is also following these guidelines.  I cried last night that the kids won’t be able to come to the hospital to meet their sister.  I’m a bit relieved however that certain visitors who drive me crazy can’t come! Our doctor also told me that if this up swing in cases at our hospital continues the practice will split up the doctors and have half stay at the hospital and half stay at the office instead of rotating who’s on call in order to prevent possibly spreading it to the office population.  They’re also limiting patients to only pregnant women and people with serious conditions, all well appointments and nonserious issues are being rescheduled. 

    Edit to add: at least with all of this unknown and disruption we’ll have a crazy birth story for our LOs 
  • Our hospital has similar one or no visitor rules, depending on what's going on. My OB office is scheduling some appointments virtually like telemedicine. So we were asked to buy a blood pressure cuff to do our vitals at home. But my practice is only one OB and the midwife is on maternity leave, so I totally understand her need to see as few people as possible.
  • My hospital has a new visitation policy to only one person, as well. I work as an outpatient physical  therapist and have been so stressed about my close contact with patients. I keep hoping my hospital just closes nonessential outpatient services. It seems like the appropriate thing to do.
  • KFrobKFrob member
    Well, I'm officially super stressed and anxious about all of this.  It's not getting sick that's stressing me it's how it is effecting everything else.  Work has sent DH and I to work at home (we work for the same company), which already stresses me out since I feel like I'm less productive.  And now daycare has told us that they expect to be told to close any time now.  Working at home with the kids will mean we get nothing done.  I really hope that our employer understands.  Also, toilet paper?!?!  We have a some for now, but we can't find it at any store.  I know these are all first world problems and I should be thankful we're all healthy, have a safe home, and are stocked up on food, but all of this craziness is turning my nesting anxiety into full blown craziness.    
  • @KFrob I hear you, it's a lot! My husband and I are both working from home, but with no kids yet it is MUCH more doable. I hope your work is flexible/understanding!  I have been trying to not think about what hospitals will look like by the time we hit his due date in 4 weeks. I just keep reminding myself there is only so much I can control. 
  • I'm right there with you. I'm in Seattle, so its getting really crazy around here with all bars, restaurants, and other businesses closing tomorrow.

    My husband has been working from home for a week and a half now. Our daycare is closed, which forced me to tell my boss I have to work from home until my leave starts in 3 weeks. She was not happy as I'm supposed to be training a temp worker for my leave. I also am doing my work in the evenings when my husband is done so he can watch DD.  It's all so stressful, but completely out of my control

    Add feeling like crap and still battling nausea and now having to get iron infusions due to being very anemic. I literally just want to go to bed and cry. 

    My husband is now worried about the hospital being overwhelmed and that we might not be able to deliver there. He wants me to look into a birth center for delivery, which I'm just not comfortable with. I'm planning on another natural birth, but I like being in the hospital in case anything goes wrong with me or baby. 

    I'm not normally a stressed or anxious person, but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with everything right now.
  • My C-section is on 4/10. Currently I'll be allowed one visitor (my DH) and hes a smoker so he has a cough so that likely wont happen. I have allergies so I have a cough and nasal congestion. My job WILL NOT let me work from home since it's not fair to others in the Law Enforcement agency who cant....so I'm stuck going in until the 9th. Or I can use my limited time (6 weeks) towards staying home now (eventhough I'm perfectly capable of doing my job) and have to come back right after my son is born or take no pay 😭😭😭
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