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Concern about traveling for baby moon

So we have already bought flight tickets for our baby moon from Sacramento to New York in June, which will be the last month of my second trimester. With the whole corona virus scare going on, should we cancel? I read that many airlines are giving refunds this year because of the virus. I honestly don't think it's a big deal, but just wondering what other moms think.

Re: Concern about traveling for baby moon

  • I would personally still go I recently saw a YouTube video where an actual OBGYN in real life posted some information on Corona virus and how it is it likely to impact pregnancy women. The take away from the video was that so far the virus isn't any worse than flu so practice good hygiene but don't let it stop you from living your life. I found it helpful because the information I have seen has been limited and I haven't been sure how to feel or what to think. It isn't like Zika where if mom gets it then baby is at a serious risk of. Birth defects. Current theories say it doesn't even cross the placenta. 

    If it were me I would still go to New York and enjoy the babymoon unless new information surfaces between now and then that shows a larger risk than what is believed now. 
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  • We have booked a week in Greece in June, and plan to go there from Italy where my family lives. I haven't gotten tickets to Italy mostly because egoistically I hope they get a bit cheaper...I would not be concern about going to NYC in June, I am staying optimistic and hoping we are nearing the peak and this will all die down (even though the economy is being hit regardless). I am a bit more concerned about Italy just for fears of quarantine especially because we have a toddler with us too. Hopefully the theories that the virus will become less common with summer temps are true.

    Regarding effects on pregnant women, the data is very very small so we should err on the side of caution. It seems to have mild symptoms on pregnant women and I saw a small study showing 9 pregnant women in China did not have major issues but it is also true that these types of viruses have a history of causing premature births in some cases (per CDC and based on studies on SARS and MERS). This is all still new so like @NamelessAria says practice good hygiene like we always do during flu season and keep up to date with the CDC and John Hopkins to see how the situation evolves. The CDC website has a section on pregnancy as well. NYC is so fun!
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  • coldbrewcoldbrew member
    I would say book the trip since you can cancel and play it by ear. The situation could be a non-issue by then, or a major issue, so it’s too early to really make that call. 
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    Thanks for your input @NamelessAria and @morethanamama  ! I agree that as long as we're careful and practice good hygiene we should be fine. @morethanamama hopefully your trip works out flawlessly! I really hope everything dies down by summer but even if it doesn't, I think we'll still go. Can't wait! 
  • We are headed to New Orleans on Wednesday and have the same concerns! Headed to the ob for first ultrasound so hopefully get some of her perspective on travel too. I don’t mind the travel to another state but being in the airport and airplane with who knows how many people who have been exposed at some point creeps me out! 
  • pelomamapelomama member
    I would still travel within the country. At this point I would probably not travel outside the US simply because I don't want to get stuck if the US does something drastic! We are planning an overnight trip to Canada in July (either Ottawa or Montreal), and that is on hold for now until we see what happens... 
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  • BLuvsEBLuvsE member
    We're cruising to the Bahamas in May. Booked before BFP and they won't refund us, just give us credit for a future cruise when we'll have a baby. So, super helpful. Yay Royal Caribbean. 
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  • I would wait and see! We have no idea what this all will look like in June. It might be under control or everything might be locked down and your decision might be made for you—who knows! If it’s still bad or getting worse I would think the airlines will continue being flexible. 
  • AB518AB518 member
    I'm actually flying tomorrow.  The airlines aren't being as flexible as reported.  Most of the flexibility appears to be with tickets being bought recently as within the last month probably due to the massive decrease in ticket sales.  My ticket that I bought before the coronavirus was an issue in the US would be a complete loss if I didn't go.  The airline won't change it, and I didn't buy the travel insurance.  I'm just going to bring a lot of hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes.  My OB didn't seem concerned about me traveling.
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  • @AB518 I’m also flying next week (to attend a wedding) and am just being extra careful with Hand hygiene.  
  • I’m flying from Chad- Canada when I’m 28-30 weeks pregnant! Already talked it through with my midwife and OB. They think it will fine as long as the pregnancy progresses well.

    I know it will be difficult being so large (I’m 4’11 which means there’s isn’t anywhere to go but out) and traveling internationally. Trusting their counsel and being willing to adapt as time goes forward 
  • I’m flying to Utah in two weeks for a friend’s wedding in the mountains. My OB said on Tuesday to not worry since it’s not like Zika, but to just use good hygienic habits while traveling.
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