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Weekly randoms 3/2

Just to start this off, I wanted to share that I just left my 36 week appt and I am 4cm dilated and 60% effaced 😳 Sh*t is getting real y'all! 

Re: Weekly randoms 3/2

  • KFrobKFrob member
    @mwill291 holy junk!!!! I’m due at the end of our group but that just made it more real for me!  It’s coming so fast!

    I just made a blueberry pie since it’s all I can think about after watching a travel show on PBS about Maine last night where they made one.  I feel guilty since DH is trying to get healthy/lose some weight so he gave up desserts.... tough luck living with a pregnant lady I guess  :#
  • @mwill291 oh my goodness!! That does make it so real! Did you have any signs you were dilating? 

    @KFrob we went to Maine 2 summers ago and ate a blueberry pie per day. Totally normal and healthy... and I wasn’t even pregnant then! 
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  • @gingers19 I have had both previous babies before 36 weeks and I always have tons of Braxton Hicks contractions (like 5-10/hr) so I figured some dilation had occurred but didn't realize that much had.
  • @mwill291 Whoooaaa!!! Almost baby time!

    @KFrob Dang. I have been wanting pie out of nowhere today and your post reminded me I forgot to ask DH to pick some up just now when he called from the grocery store. Someday, pie, we will be reunited.
  • @mwill291 it’s getting closer!! Tuesday I had the realization that my due date was exactly a month  away and things got real!!

    @KFrob I’m from Maine! Blueberrry cake is my go to though!! 
  • KFrobKFrob member
    @babyrummom I love Maine!  I'll pretty much eat blueberry anything
  • Just had my 2nd BPP scan for the week. Baby boy passed and my blood pressure was even in check this time! But the stinker, who has been head-down for the past month, has just decided to turn breech at almost 35 weeks. 🤦‍♀️ My homework for the weekend is to try to get him to turn before my next BPP. 

    Is anyone else losing weight at this point? I'm currently down 7 lbs from my starting weight, down 3 lbs this week. I have a growth ultrasound on Monday but we're pretty sure he's still growing just fine (he was in the 40th percentile all around at my 32 week scan). 
  • @chrissdee I haven't been losing but I've sort of plateaued for a bit. My prenatal chiro said spending some time every day on elbows and knees will help give baby enough room out of the pelvis to turn back to position. Worth trying!
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