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How do you know if you’re truly dilated?

I’m 36 weeks & 4 days , well 5 days now.. & I went to the hospital Tuesday bc I was having pelvic pain due to my baby being VERY low and my OB haven’t even checked me to see if I dilated so she told me to get a girdle instead of checking to see what the problem is. So anyways Tuesday I goes to the ER and they told me I dilated 2 cm . This morning there was blood in the toilet and when I wiped so I goes back to the SAMEEEE ER and they tell me I’m closed. My questions are was the blood my mucus plug? Or was it just bc my cervix was open? And how is it possible for me to be dilated 2 cm then 4 days later I’m closed?

Re: How do you know if you’re truly dilated?

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  • I'm not surprised your doctor wouldn't do a cervical check. My providers will not do cervical checks before 37 weeks. They say it's possible to irritate things and trigger premature labor. 

    Yes, it's possible for your cervix to change. Also, keep in mind that dilation is not an exact science measurement. They can't stick a tape measure up in there. Yes, they are trained, yes, they've probably done quite a few of them and are good at telling, but they're still just feeling with their fingers. Maybe you were closer to 1 cm than 2. Who knows. Also, I would expect an ER doctor has had much less practice at doing them than an ob/gyn or midwife. 

    I actually think it's quite possibly NOT your mucus plug. It could be that the check in the ER irritated your cervix so it bled a little, similarly to how sometimes women spot after having sex. 

    I know it gets tiresome in late pregnancy, but you likely still have at least 2-3 weeks to go. I would stop going to the ER and just hang in there. 
    allthingscozy[Deleted User]
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