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Postpartum Depression

Depression Third Trimester

Hi. So, I will start off by saying that I have been diagnosed with depression and have been taking Zoloft through my second and third trimester. Lately though, things have gotten worse. 

I am currently about 7.5 months pregnant (due April 02) and have been what I feel is unfairly terminated from my job 2 weeks ago. For the past week, I’ve been at home with no income - watching my husband wake up and go to work everyday.

Today, I discovered he’s looking to take online courses to obtain his MBA. I feel this is mostly because he thinks he has no choice given the circumstances. He has ambition, is successful and works hard to provide - and I can’t even hold a job for our family.

Of course I take care of the home while he’s working, but I can’t help but to feel like a waste. The biggest thought that goes through my mind every day is “what am I even good for?” I feel bad for my husband and am embarrassed at what he might secretly think of me (he probably wishes he’d married someone more educated or successful, maybe he views me as a burden etc.) I feel I have failed our growing family. 

Has as anyone been here before? Does anyone have any advice? Please.
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