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  • @jenabary I need that spread of food in my life!
  • @kath1414 oh damn! Fingers crossed something works

    Diagnosed PCOS 2013
    7th Round of Fertility treatment (Femara + Ovidrel + IUI) 12/14 = BFP. DS born Sept.15 
    Natural BFP Feb 2017. DD born Oct. 2017
    Natural BFP Aug. 2019, EDD April 2020

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  • @doraleigh35 congrats on baby Jack! Scary about the early entrance, but glad he is doing good! We'd love to still have you around!
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  • @doraleigh35 I know having a baby early and in the NICU is scary and hard so I'm sorry you're experiencing that but CONGRATULATIONS on the arrival of your sweet baby nonetheless! When my son was in the NICU people were afraid to congratulate us because they were more worried than excited I think. Glad to hear he's growing and thriving. 
    I have no idea how to start a thread on this app but maybe we should start a birth story thread! 
  • EDD/W+D: April 1, 35 weeks today

    Team pink/blue/green: team blue!

    Baby is the size of a(n): it says pinapple or bunch of carrots

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: I am eating my weight in bananas and Boomchickapop Kettle corn. Also, I'd do just about anything for a coconut flan right about now! I do get some fleeting nausea here and there every few days. Maybe TMI but my boobs have started leaking colostrum at times. And my hips are super loose, it feels like my pelvis and ribcage are going to stretch into 2!

    Upcoming appts: next tuesday for my 36 week appointment, although I have never made it to 36 weeks. We shall see. I've had way less contractions this pregnancy and haven't been put on bedrest or gone into preterm labor yet like it did with both previous babies so maybe I will make it further this time. Magnesium seems to be helping.

    Rants/Raves/Questions: oh, I guess a rave would be same as what I rambled about above. Also, I feel ready. Bags are packed. Car seat is ready. Freezer is full of family meals. Nursery is ready and baby clothes are washed. One rant is that my oldest started soccer this week, so we have swim or soccer practice 6 days a week. Nervous about handling that with a newborn and toddler but I dont want him to feel like his stuff isn't a priority any more and he loves his sports. He missed soccer for one week when i had my daughter but we just took her along after we got home from the hospital and she did fine so i hope we can make it work. Also, his birthday is coming up in less than 2 weeks and i need to figure out how to still make it a big deal and hope the baby doesn't come on his actual birthday or he'd be pretty upset.

  • @mwill291 Leaky boobs here too!!! I was really surprised how early it started, because I'm 31 weeks and this has been going on for a few weeks now. I definitely though that would happen later in the game! Also, I think Boomchickapop is going to be my next craving now. I'd forgotten that brand and I love it!
  • mandarenee898mandarenee898 member
    edited February 2020
    @doraleigh35 Congratulations on your baby boy! I’ve been thinking about you!! It must have been terrifying. I am happy that Jack is doing well and it sounds like he is in great hands. Of course you should stick with us!

    @jenabary @chrissdee @korthouse @mercury94 @KFrob @Kathryn0903 @literatureandink  @kath1414 thank you all so much! You make a girl feel loved!

    @chrissdee it sounds like your doctors are keeping a close eye on you and baby boy so that is wonderful. Sorry about having to go into triage but that’s great that you recognized it!

    @korthouse you crack me up! If you get a grazing table for your first meal after you better share a pic! 😂

    On my end things are looking better. I’m still pregnant and they’re keeping me for monitoring. My labs/BP were also initially showing preeclampsia but they weren’t on Wed. As of right now (things have changed daily + provided I’m still moving in the right direction) they think I’ll get discharged Friday with instructions to take it easy but no formal bed rest. Pre-term labor is unpredictable though so I’m just taking it step by step. 

    ***edited because I didn’t see the 2nd page when originally posting 🙂***
  • @jenabary I was still able to add things that were marked as purchased on the discount completion page in the registry, so I’m feeling good about that! It was just annoying. 

    @mandarenee898 thinking of you! 
  • @doraleigh35 Congrats!  I'm so glad Jack is doing well!
  • @doraleigh35 Congratulations on baby Jack!!! I’m so happy baby & mama are doing well!! Please do stick with us!!
  • @doraleigh35 congrats on baby Jack! 
  • EDD/W+D: April 30th - 31 weeks today

    Team pink/blue/green: Team Pink

    Baby is the size of a(n): Apparently asparagus or a coconut. :smiley: Though I'm with @literatureandink that the size I feel is the size of a small planet. :neutral:

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: Chinese food - specifically crab rangoon and General Tso's Chicken with some fried rice. I haven't gotten it yet, but I haven't stopped thinking about it since Monday so I need to do something about that ASAP. :lol: I have been wanting cheese danishes and doughnuts pretty regularly, but I'm trying to be good about having that too often. No aversions besides the standard oatmeal and nuts - though strong food smells can make me feel a little nauseated at times. Heartburn and mood swings have probably been the worst symptoms lately. Definitely dealing with the insomnia off and on. 

    Upcoming appts: Just had one Tuesday - so I won't have another until March 10th. My doctor got called to the hospital and so I ended up waiting a half hour in a stuffy room and got overheated because pregnancy. Luckily, I poked my head out and asked a nurse to bring me some ice water, and then the doctor finally showed, having been called to the hospital briefly. Luckily, that long wait is the exception rather than the rule at my office. Maternity tour tonight at my hospital! 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I got a good night sleep last night after a terrible night Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Turns out I need to be almost sitting up to sleep comfortably, but I only woke once to pee and once to readjust in a more comfortable position, so I feel like a new human being having gotten that much sleep in a row. Perhaps that's why I can't think of any rants today. 

  • @sbalding88 oooo now I'm dying for chinese food!
  • Hi ladies! I’m still in the hospital and still pregnant. It was looking like I could go home tomorrow but then earlier this afternoon I started bleeding again. Had a BPP today and both babies “passed” and they both did well on their NST that they get 2x a day while I’m here. I’m glad things are good with babies but it is really hard being in the hospital for days on end and was kind of looking forward to going home. 
  • Thanks you ladies for your feedback regarding my Grad class (sorry for not tagging each of you). I spoke with the professor again and she said I can work ahead, but I am not permitted to post any of my work until the week it is actually due so as not to “confuse or pressure” my classmates. I already told DH that he’ll be in charge of submitting my final project! Now to get through the eight weeks of reading, 32 discussion posts, 30 post replies, 15 assignments, 3 quizzes, and six-part final project before baby makes their debut in 7 weeks😳
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  • @Brags0607 that’s good it got worked out. I still say that’s crap you can’t turn in your work when you have a baby coming and they need to make modifications for you but really aren’t due to potentially “confusing” or “pressuring” others in the class. That isn’t accommodating at all. 

    I’m glad you have a supportive DH that will help you get this done and good luck on all that you have to do. I’m sure you’ll do great!
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