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Weekly Questions 2/23

Any questions this week?
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Re: Weekly Questions 2/23

  • I’m sure I saw a discussion on this earlier on but I don’t remember when/what thread. Looking for quick read (aka small enough to throw in my purse) book recommendations on any topics of raising babies (breastfeeding, first weeks home, first aid, infant development etc.....)

    DH’s coworker gave us their copy of Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old and I like the layout (chapter for 1-6 weeks, sections for multiples)

    thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    I looked for that thread too @mandarenee898 - I couldn’t find it either but I know it exists somewhere! Lol

    I got Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, and Cribsheet. Edited to say and also Expecting Better!
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  • Question for moms who have breastfed before - can you still use a binky (pacifier) with your baby? Is it true that they won’t latch if you give them a binky for soothing?

  • @mandarenee898 a friend recommended "happiest baby on the block" to me and said it was really helpful! especially with soothing techniques.

    also, maybe i'm blind & prego brain is on max power, but do we have a hospital bag thread? my search thread bar is not loading results right now either. curious to see some "must haves" from STM+ !

  • hahaha nevermind, I found it!
  • @literatureandink I never breastfeed, but I have a friend who only breastfed and her son still uses a pacifier at 2.5. Pacifiers can be hard to break, but they were a lifesaver for us at times.
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  • @literatureandink all four of my nieces and nephews breastfed and used pacifiers, and sometimes used bottles to supplement if needed (my twin nephews especially, because that's a lot of milk for one woman to have to produce!)
  • @literatureandink both my first two were breastfed and used pacifiers. We offered pacis right from the start too and no confusion or issues like that. 

    Diagnosed PCOS 2013
    7th Round of Fertility treatment (Femara + Ovidrel + IUI) 12/14 = BFP. DS born Sept.15 
    Natural BFP Feb 2017. DD born Oct. 2017
    Natural BFP Aug. 2019, EDD April 2020

  • @literatureandink Everything I have read suggests waiting a few weeks to introduce (same as waiting on a bottle, if possible), but my guess is it depends on the brand you plan to use and whether you are having trouble latching or if you’ve established breastfeeding. I’m sure in some cases it is possible to introduce successfully from the start like @coaster102516 did! My mom swears by pacifiers early on for helping to develop sucking/swallowing skills to prevent reflux. I’m not sure if her advice is purely anecdotal, but I do trust my mama’s wisdom!
  • @jenabary my son loved his pacifier, but still had reflux.
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  • @Kathryn0903 Good to know! I’m curious how you treated it. I have a few friends whose babies have struggled with reflux, and I’m trying to store up tips just in case!
  • @jenabary my son had it bad and had to be medicated as not much else worked.
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  • @Kathryn0903 That must have been tough as a FTM! Thank goodness for good medical care. Is he doing better as a toddler?
  • @jenabary yes doing great. No issues!
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  • Anyone that was induced last time or have medical issues already know they're going to get induced? I had preeclampsia last time and am on bp medication this time to hopefully keep things under control, but doctor hasn't mentioned induction yet. My planning personality wants to know. I'm guessing I need to ask soon if I can go the full 40 weeks or not.
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  • @Kathryn0903 In standard situations, my OB will schedule induction any time after 40 weeks on request. Some will do it starting at 39 weeks. I think we will be discussing this at my appointment at 36 weeks. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @mercury94 I think I'm going to ask soon. I was induced at 37 weeks last time due to my bp. I'm not opposed to induction again but would love to make it further this time if possible.
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  • @mandarenee898 I'm reading "Cribsheet" by Emily Oster right now, and I really like it! Mixture of data and anecdotes - it's very balanced and I love her humor. I've learned a lot already, and I'm only a few chapters in. 
  • @mandarenee898 I read What to Expect the First Year with my oldest but really like the ease of apps with my last one. Specifically, the Ovia parenting app and Wonder Weeks. 
    @literatureandink both of mine were breastfed. My son didnt like a paci but did suck his thumb. My daughter loves her paci and we're still trying to break her of it. Neither had issues with nipple confusion. Some babies do I think. We also used all different types of bottles with my daughter when I was at work and she didn't mind.
  • According to my OB, practices in the US were asked by the CDC to make an emergency plan for the coronavirus. And I'm not worried about getting it, but she sufficiently freaked me out about how to be prepared in case our area gets put under quarantine and we can't go out for supplies. I live in north NJ, close enough to newark airport and NYC and so densly populated that it would spread super easily if it showed up. 

    Did anyone else get put on notice to prep for a potential quarantine? What a time to be pregnant/having a baby 😒
  • @babybison Coronavirus is essentially like the flu, where it really is only dangerous if you are in a vulnerable sector, but as pregnant women we fall into exactly that category. I haven't been put on warning, just told to practice extra common sense in regards to hygiene. Extra hand washing, avoid touching my face a lot, especially in public spaces, until my hands are washed, etc. Since it's a relatively new virus there is a lot of fear factor going on so more dramatic measures are being taken, but I would try to just be mindful and alert  <3
  • @korthouse To clarify, I'm really not worried about getting it at all. I'm worried about not being able to leave the house to go to the store for food and supplies.
  • @babybison My mum and I were just talking about that! She was advised to stock up on perishables just in case (she's 70, so also considered "at risk"). Debating if we should do that too I  case the mania results in quarantines here
  • @babybison I just saw on the news this morning that they are suggesting you keep a weeks work of groceries and supplies at home.  I hadn't even thought of the possibility of a quarantine until seeing that story.  My OB's office didn't mention anything at my appointment yesterday, but my previous appointment my OB laid into me about the seriousness of the flu this year and how the coronavirus is getting all the press that the flu should be.  
  • Does anyone know if Target lets you stack the coupons that come in the registry gift bag with the completion discount?  I think when we did this with DD2 it let me, but I can't remember and obsessively trying to plan out the best way to purchase the stuff we still need. 
  • @kfrob I must have missed the registry gift bag, so I’m not sure about additional coupons. What I did discover though is that if you have the registry app downloaded, as you go through the store you can scan and add other things you are purchasing and when you check out, the discount will apply to them too!
  • @jenabary oh yeah!  We discovered that when we were buying for the last kid.  :)  Go to customer service and they'll give you a gift bag with a bunch of free stuff and samples! 
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