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WTO Friday 2/22

**This is a thread that welcomes all regardless of where they are at in their TTC journeys. Please be mindful of topics that are discussed that could be hurtful to those going through tough times. Mention of children or pregnancies of others should have a TW (trigger warning) and be in a spoiler if possible, and only be mentioned if it is extremely pertinent to the conversation. Thanks for keeping this a safe place for us all to engage!** 






Re: WTO Friday 2/22

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  • @runningoncookies Thanks! I’ll have to go in tomorrow too, but definitely looking forward to any couch time I can get this weekend. Enjoy your busy day! I’ll have to check out The Sinner, we are always looking for something new to watch 
  • @runningoncookies oooohhhh that sounds like an interesting show! I’ve started watching Hart of Dixie and Virgin River and they’re so cheesy but so good 😂
  • Month/Cycle: 2

    CD: 16

    WAYDTGKU: NTNP, prenatals, OPKs

    R/R: I get to post super early today because I’m not at work because it’s a SNOW DAY!! Even though it barely snowed, lol. I guess they had some issues with ice on the roads early in the morning so they couldn’t run the buses. I’ll probably spend the day doing laundry and getting a head start on weekend housework. Or maybe just laying on the couch, lol!

    CS/Q: nope 

    @bows22 I’m sorry you are having to go to work while feeling crummy, and that you have to work tomorrow too. Try to still get some rest this weekend!

    @runningoncookies I hope your busy day flies by!! I’ve never heard of that show, I’ll have to check it out. I’m always trying to find something new to watch. MH and I started watching You but we have a hard time watching shows together because of his work schedule, I’m about to just finish it without him lol.
  • @bows22 - Glad to hear you're feeling a little better! I hope today goes by fast for you!

    @runningoncookies - OMG I think the first season of The Sinner was one of the most disturbing shows I've ever watched! Can't wait to hear your thoughts when you finish it!

    Month/Cycle: 19 

    CD: 42

    WAYDTGKU: IVF - Biopsy 

    R/R: Holy H*ll that biopsy hurt yesterday!  :s  I'm so thankful that the doctor counted down for me once she began so that I knew I only needed to make it thru a few more seconds. Had some cramping off and on all evening after, but I feel fine today. They said I should get the results sometime next week! I'm looking forward to going to a dance competition with my cousin tomorrow! She is a dance teacher, and as a former dancer I love tagging along and rooting for her students! 

    CS/Q: none
  • Month/Cycle: 5/9

    CD: 13

    WAYDTGKU: temping, trying every other day If not every day. 

    R/R: I had an upswing after a downswing in my temps so I think I did O and our timing was really good if it did. Thoughts on my chart? Sorry if is such an s-show haha


  • @bows22 so glad to hear you are feeling better today. 
    @runningoncookies hope your busy day goes by quickly!
    @kitkatz1990 so glad you got that snowday! 
    @feather_heather so sorry the biopsy was so painful! 

  • Month/Cycle: 8/5

    CD: 68

    WAYDTGKU: prenatals, temping, currently NTNP

    R/R: This break flew by! Next week is going to be crazy busy at school getting ready for our All County music festival. My school is hosting and I am in charge of getting things set for the chorus. It's been a lot of work, but I'm really excited for it! I did see that were expecting a snowstorm in Thursday though, so that could make things interesting.


  • gingermama29gingermama29 member
    edited February 2020
    @bows22 I'm glad you're feeling a bit better today! Enjoy quiet time in your office today.

    @runningoncookies hope your busy day goes quickly. Sounds like a nice night ahead!

    @kitkatz1990 yay for a snow day!! Enjoy!! It's crazy to me as a NYer how so little snow can shut down cities in the south but we're definitely much more prepared to deal with snow up here than down there.

    @feather_heather I'm glad your biopsy is done. Sorry it was so painful. Enjoy the dance competition!

    @allthingscozy it's hard to tell anything from the chart yet. My temps fluctuate from day to day. Without tracking CF or having more temps, it's hard to say, though I'm hardly an expert.
  • @feather_heather oh man, ouch!!! I’m sorry your biopsy was painful. The dance competition sounds so fun!! I love watching stuff like that. 
    @gingermama29 lol I know, my parents (and entire extended family) are from MI so they laugh a little at the Southern reaction to snow BUT like you said, we don’t have the resources here to deal with it. We have like one snow plow in the entire area and lots and lots of curvy backroads and it can get really dangerous. Plus, people here DO NOT know how to drive in it!! When I was on my way home yesterday, it was sleeting and people were driving like 10 miles an hour. Bringing out all my road rage lol! 
  • Month/Cycle: 8/8

    CD: 8 (does that make today lucky or something with 8/8 /8)

    WAYDTGKU: pnvs, OPKs, preseed

    R/R: The sun is shining!!!  It is freezing cold, but the sun is shining.  I am headed to a game night at church tonight and my DH is coming.  Normally he isn't into things that I do with my church, so I am excited he wants to come.  

    @bows22. Glad that you are feeling better.  Hoping for some quiet days at work and thus some recovery time.  

    @kitkatz1990 and @gingermama29. In the south, we are also more likely to get ice.  I can drive on snow with my northern childhood, but ice makes me nervous! People also have no idea what to do!  I understand the road rage!

    @feather_heather.  Glad that biopsy is done and you will get results next week.  Hopefully they are informative!  Sorry it was such a pain!

  • @dobiemom11 yea, the ice is what gets the schools closed. They can’t run the buses. They probably could have gotten away with a 2-hour delay this morning but I am not going to complain that they decided to just close. 
  • @kitkatz1990 enjoy your bonus day off! I vote for couch!

    @feather_heather oh no I’m sorry that your biopsy was rough! I’m glad it’s over though and that you feel good now. Have fun at the dance competition!

    @allthingscozy agree with the others that it’s too early to tell! I’d keep DTD for now!

    @gingermama29 if your weather is anything like here, that forecast will change 5 times before next Thursday so hopefully it works out that you don’t get the snow!

    @dobiemom11 have fun at your game night! MH is the same, he likes he “church” part of church but not the extracurricular stuff. That’s really nice that YH is going with you!

    @bluetickgal safe travels! enjoy your time with your family!

  • @bows22. My DH is the opposite.  He does not do the church part but will do the other activities.  It should be good for us to meet some new people.  His mom was really against my church, so I think she may have convinced him against the church part.  But supporting me in it makes me happy.  

    @kitkatz1990 enjoy that surprise long weekend.  Did you also have Presidents day off?
  • krystrist2014krystrist2014 member
    edited February 2020
    I’m super late to the party today! 
    @bows22 I’m glad you’re starting to feel better! 
    @runningoncookies I just finished the first season of The Sinner last month and it was good! Definitely kept me guessing. 
    @kitkatz1990 I hope you relaxed an enjoyed your snow day because that’s way more fun than house work! Lol. 
    @feather_heather ugh I am so sorry the biopsy was miserable yesterday but I hope you enjoy the watching the competition this weekend! 
    @gingermama29 I hope all your final preparations for the music festival go smoothly!
    @dobiemom11 enjoy game night! 
    @bluetickgal enjoy your time with the fam! 

    Month/Cycle: 4/4

    CD: 9

    WAYDTGKU: Folate, zinc, prenatals, bbt, OPK

    R/R: So happy for Friday but I have to go home and clean because I procrastinated all week. Some friends/old coworkers are coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me/learn how to make tamales. I’m looking forward to drinking margaritas while we work! Lol. 

    CS/Q: So my temps are batsh*t crazy.... I doubt I’ll get crosshairs if this keeps up. I forgot to temp twice and then on top of that  it has swung between 82 and 42 degrees over the past week and we have tried not to spend money by turning AC or heat on. @althingscozy I didn’t get to respond to you yesterday but I just wanted to say I feel your pain on temping. It seems so easy and yet I find myself forgetting a lot (last two months I had just completely given up). And now even though I am remembering more often, my temps are so random which makes wonder why I bother. I wind up mostly relying on CM and OPKs to tell me when O is happening. 

    ETA my chart so y’all can see the crazy

  • @kitkatz1990 yay for the snow day!!!

    @feather_heather sorry the biopsy was rough, but at least you were able to get through it! Have fun at the dance competition, that sounds really fun

    @allthingscozy if you did O your timing was so spot on! I would def try to temp the next couple days to see if it stays up

    @gingermama29 that sounds like a lot of work, but it does make it easier when it’s something you’re excited for. Hopefully the weather won’t interfere with anything!

    @dobiemom11 have fun at your game night!

    @bluetickgal enjoy your weekend with the family! Glad the weather is looking good. 
  • @krystrist2014 yay for Friday! Hope cleaning doesn’t take too long and you can relax the rest of the evening! Your day tomorrow sounds fun, enjoy!! Hope the tamale making is a success! 
  • @bows22 and @krystrist2014 lol! I did end up spending a lot more time on the couch than doing housework! 
    @dobiemom11 no, we had to work President’s Day so it was so nice to still get a short week! 
    @bluetickgal have a safe trip! Hope you enjoy your weekend away!
    @krystrist2014 I hope you have fun with your friends tomorrow! I LOVE tamales!! And margaritas 😂
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