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Possible miscarriage?

I was taking antibiotics in January - while on birth control. I had a faint positive pregnancy test - and I spotted a bit of brown blood at my “due period” time.this morning I woke up after cramping - and this was what came out. Would you say it’s a miscarriage? I would’ve been 6 weeks & 2 days or around that. I started bleeding afterward — I don’t have insurance right now as I am a nurse in between jobs but I’m looking for advice. Thanks ladies!

Re: Possible miscarriage?

  • rachmiller11  It is a clot. It could just be a bloodclot, or it could be the "products of conception." Unfortunately, we can't tell you much from an image and a few sentences.  I know you're probably very stressed out right now, but you NEED to call your doctor.  You will need scans/tests or diagnosis to determine if you are, or were, in fact pregnant and if you are still pregnant. If you are having a miscarriage, you will probably need to track your HCG levels down to 0 (which can take days/weeks/months depending on your situation) to ensure you have a full and complete miscarriage and monitor for complications.

    Without actual medical advice and going to your doctor, we/you cannot actually diagnose a miscarriage. (As a side note - to assume you've had a miscarriage, without a medical diagnosis, is extremely upsetting to those of us with RPL.)  

    Please call your doctor and good luck. 

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