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  • @KFrob I'm taking what you're saying to HEART and am assuming my newborn stage will be MUCH easier than this sh*tshow I'm living right now! Please don't be wrong...
  • @Sailing_Mama I have gestational hypertension, but no signs of preeclampsia. They are monitoring me closely in case it does turn in to preeclampsia, and to know when it’s time to induce. 
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  • @literatureandink If it helps, my experience was the same as @KFrob. The 3rd tri blows. The baby phase was much easier for me. When I was tired, I could cuddle a baby instead of desperately trying not to fall asleep at work. But, I’ve known other women who disagreed and thought the baby phase was harder, so I don’t know. Maybe they just had more issues recovering from delivery than I did. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • like @mercury94 said, I should have prefaced my statement by saying with both kids I had an easy recovery 
  • @kath1414 Same here about being sad about missing my team! They are so lovely and supportive. I know I'm going to miss them like crazy! Really looking forward to not physically doing my job anymore though.  On my feet on concrete flooring and carrying heavy bridal gowns all over the place is getting trickier every shift.
  • @korthouse I am so jealous of your job! I love picking out wedding dresses for people and one of my dreams was always to work for Kleinfeld!
  • @sbalding88 and @literatureandink I also found the third tri WAY harder than the newborn phase... I was lucky and had a textbook labour/delivery, and a fairly easy recovery, which definitely helped. I just found that I was sleep deprived through the third tri due to being physically uncomfortable, so being sleep deprived but off work and able to curl up with a baby was much easier!

    @ejoseph16 Ahhh... well, fingers crossed that it doesn't become anything more serious! 
  • @literatureandink I will take the newborn/baby phase over pregnancy every single time. But I strongly dislike pregnancy 😬

    Diagnosed PCOS 2013
    7th Round of Fertility treatment (Femara + Ovidrel + IUI) 12/14 = BFP. DS born Sept.15 
    Natural BFP Feb 2017. DD born Oct. 2017
    Natural BFP Aug. 2019, EDD April 2020

  • @literatureandink It really is an awesome job and I get so attached to my brides. I've been asking them to make sure to share their wedding photos with the shop so I can see their final looks on our Instagram feed when I'm home with baby!
  • @Sailing_Mama I was told today at my appointment that I’ll be lucky to make it to 38 weeks, even though I’m not showing signs of preeclampsia still. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’m totally ok with going earlier with how I’m feeling. 
  • EDD/W+D: April 5/33w5d

    Team pink/blue/green: Pink

    Baby is the size of a(n): Pineapple

    Cravings/Aversions/Symptoms: Carbs.... only carbs and cheese (which I shouldn't have as I have issues with casein).

    Upcoming appts:  Monday 24, Prenatal Massage, Thursday 27, OB appt 

    Rants/Raves/Questions: I have laryngitis.  I teach elementary music.  I only have 1-2 classes left before my leave and I had to waste one on watching a video because there is no way I could teach.  

    My OB is suggesting for me to get growth scans.  1) because I'm over 35 and 2) because the baby is measuring a little small.  We were sent to a specialist with DS2 because he was small but both of my boys (like my husband and I) are petite.  Nothing wrong just small.  DH does not want me to get the growth scans (they are expensive).  I want to consult with my Dr but maybe just get one done, they probably want me to continue with them?!  I don't know.  

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  • @Sincera4 That sucks about the laryngitis! If it makes you feel any better I always loved video days. 
  • @Sincera4 I’m sorry about the laryngitis!! In regards to the growth ultrasounds, if your ob deems them necessary, will insurance at least pay a portion?
  • @korthouse
    My voice finally came back today!  Not 100% but I'd say 80%.   
    My insurance did pay for some with my last pregnancy but my percentage was still about $200 each visit which is pricey.  If she really feels that it's necessary then of course we will do it but If it's only an assurance then we will hopefully pass.  They only take morning appts so I can't go for a few weeks during my Spring Break anyways (Again, I'm a teacher no paid leave and I can't afford to use my days on this).  I'll talk to my Dr about it this upcoming week.  

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  • @Sailing_Mama @KFrob Y'all are making me feel so much better. It seemed to me that being similarly sleep-deprived but not dealing with the back and pelvic pain, the heartburn, etc. would at least be as hard, possibly easier. lol. I'm still pretty early into my 3rd trimester being just 30+2, but it's been kicking my butt and people telling me that it's only going to get worse doesn't help, so I appreciate knowing that's not always the case. Maybe they just forgot how crappy that last trimester is! :lol: 

    @sincera4 I'm jealous of the prenatal massage. I'm trying to be tight with my budget as DH is in transition with his job situation, so I'm waiting on that. But, boy does it sound good! Glad to hear your voice is coming back, and I hope you continue to feel better. <3 
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