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Egg quality - transfer or another retrieval

Hi there,

I posted a little while ago about low HCG levels. Sadly, that pregnancy was ectopic. So scary but all okay. This was our second failed transfer so feeling pretty defeated. 

We are regrouping and debating about doing another transfer cycle right away or starting over and doing a retrieval. We have two embryos left both PGS normal but 3BC quality - a day 5 and a day 6. Our RE thinks we still have a good shot and recommends doing anther transfer. We sought a second opinion and that RE thinks we have a very low chance because of the quality and recommends a totally different type of transfer and retrieval cycle using human growth hormones for egg quality and letrozole for the transfer. Our is insurance doesn’t cover anything so starting again would be a huge financial burden but if we have a better chance we’d do it. 

Anyone in a similar boat? Any advice? 

Thank you!
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