Pregnant after a Loss

Pregnancy after two miscarriages

I don’t know if I just need to put this into the world. I just found out I am pregnant after two losses within 6 months. We were moving ahead with getting fertility testing But without planning on it we are pregnant again. I am excited and yet to terrified. It’s hard to want something with all of who you are and yet feel so scared. Wanting to trust your body but knowing that it hasn’t work before. I know God has plans for my life and hopefully this life inside me. Please pray or think positive vibes whatever you believe. From one scared hopefully mom to be. 

Re: Pregnancy after two miscarriages

  • Hi! Prayers for you and your sweet baby! Have you joined your birth mom club? I joined mine and they have been very supportive! I too am pregnant after 3 first trimester recurrent losses with unclear causes. Good news is I am 9 weeks pregnant tomorrow and baby is growing perfectly! Has had a strong heartbeat 3 ultrasounds in a row now. The furthest I had ever made it before was 6 weeks 3 days. I believe God has a plan in it all as well as my husband and I adopted our sweet 18 month old DS as a newborn after our first 2 losses and we wouldn’t have him if we hadn’t gone through that. Anyway just wanted to share my story and offer you some encouragement on your journey! I completely understand the anxiety and have had to pray and try to think positively as much as I can! 
  • I know this post is almost a year but do you have an update on this pregnancy?
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