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Pregnancy test line fainter on third test than on first two

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I took a pregnancy test on cycle day 30 (I typically start my period on day 27) it was positive with dark lines. I took a second one that next which was digital which was also positive. I've had very sore breasts for a week before that and still have them. Today, cycle day 36 I took another test just to be sure (I had a chemical pregnancy two months ago). The line was very faint. Is this a bad sign? Should I expect to be miscarrying again or is it possible I just didn't get enough pee on the stick or something like that. It was FMU all three times but I didn't pee very much this morning and feel a bit dehydrated. I am not bleeding. I've had off and on mild cramping all week since I found out which I thought was normal. The test I took today was a rapid response test and the first one was an early response test if that matters.

Re: Pregnancy test line fainter on third test than on first two

  • Have you talked to your doctor?
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  • The tests are qualitative, not quantitative, so the change in line darkness could very well mean nothing, especially as they're different brands of tests. That said, if you're worrying I would reach out to your doctor about getting betas drawn. Good luck - it's tough dealing with the anxiety and questions that come with pregnancy after a loss. 
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  • Qualitative... NOT Quantitative.

    Also, you're using different types of tests and attempting to compare them.  If you are concerned, call your doctor for betas.  Only seeing if hcg beta numbers double every 48 hours will let you know if you have a viable baby at this point. 

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