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GTKY - Valentine's Day

What are your Valentine's Day plans?
Any special traditions?
Do you exchange gifts? If so, what are you getting each other?
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Re: GTKY - Valentine's Day

  • We don’t really do Valentine’s Day. We’ll probably pick up some food and hang out at home. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • DH is leaving work early to come home and make a roast chicken dinner. I'm really glad we didn't make dinner reservations because it's going to be -30C tomorrow! I got him chocolate frogs in honour of his recent finishing of reading of the Harry Potter books and I'm going to figure out some extra treats in the morning. Might make a cake or something nommo.
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  • We don't do much other than exchange cards. I did buy myself chocolate covered strawberries today and got DH a peanut butter chocolate treat as well.
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  • We exchange cards and do dinner at home but he’s super against restaurants on Valentines Day being a chef. He says the service is horrible and all the food is premade. I prefer being home with him anyway. We’ll exchange cards and cuddle. 
  • My DH and I are weird and don’t really do gifts. We’re picking up a pizza and will maybe watch a movie at home. But for like Christmas or our birthdays (which are in the same month) we’ll usually pick something to do together instead of gifts. 
  • DH drives for Uber most weekends and holidays, so he’ll be doing that after the girls go to bed. We never do gifts for Valentines Day so pretty boring over here. I’m probably going to watch the new To All the Boys I Loved Before movie on Netflix because I’m trash for campy teen drama 😂
  • I'm going to pick up sushi for us and some lo mien for the kids for dinner.  I already gave DH his gift since I can't keep a surprise and get super excited, which was a photo book from shutterfly of our trip to U Notre Dame for a football game.  DH warned me yesterday that I will be receiving no flowers, cards, or chocolate since he hasn't had/won't have any time to shop, which is funny since I couldn't care less.  He's so thoughtful and randomly surprises me with things which is better than getting junk on Valentines day.  
  • I would like to add that my Valentine’s Day gift to MYSELF is a full day of getting my hair transformed and eyelash extensions...happy V Day to me!! Lol
  • We don't really do much other than exchange cards for Valentine's Day. Sometimes he will get me a new plant but I told him this year let's just save our money for the baby and moving.
  • @literatureandink that's the best gift!!!  I told myself about a month before my due date I'm going to take a day to finally get my hair done and pamper myself a bit
  • DH got me a chocolate covered wine bottle. Chocolate for now, wine for later!
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  • @KFrob it’s been so long that the stylist just hardcore made fun of my hair... and I can’t blame her!
  • DH and I aren't celebrating tonight; we've decided we'll celebrate tomorrow as we both have the day off and it's our last Valentine's Day just the two of us. :open_mouth: We aren't 100% all that we're gonna do, but it's going to start out with bagels at a new bagel shop near us that we want to try and will end with something similar to @mandarenee898 as we will probably get pizza from our favorite pizza place and grab a movie to watch. We're both introverts, so neither of us really want to go out to some fancy restaurant when we can be home together. lol. We're not doing presents or anything like that because we've spent any extra money on paying off debt or spent it on the baby. 
  • DH brought home the pizza and I had the best intentions of watching a movie (I typically prefer TV shows). I ended up napping on the couch while he watched TV. 😂😂😂
  • We had Valentine’s Day at home. My hubby made homemade risotto, which has kind of become a little tradition. He wrote me the nicest note in a card. I bought premise chocolate cake for dessert. I also bought myself flowers earlier this week just because. We watched a movie after we ate, which we chose to watch The Marriage Story on netflix. Kind of an odd choice for Valentine’s Day because it is about divorce 😂 It was good though! 
  • @babyrummom I’m a big fan of doing just because things for yourself! 
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