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Post Partum Doula

FTM here (due 4/10!) - is anyone planning on getting, or had previous experience with, a post partum doula (not night nurse, but someone who comes and occasionally helps out during the day)? It will just be my husband (plus 2 dogs) and I, and though I’m taking all the classes/reading all the books, I have zero real life newborn experience and am feeling anxious about 4th trimester. Not even sure exactly what kind of support I’ll need, other than to know it’s there even a few times a week. Would love to hear from anyone who has had one/planning to hire one? 

Re: Post Partum Doula

  • We're not hiring a postpartum doula specifically because we get two postpartum visits with our labour doula. That said, I have friends who swore by their decision to hire postpartum, especially because they didn't have a huge support system that was close enough to help out. Maybe meet with a couple and see how you feel. You'll want someone you feel really comfy with coming to your home and keeping everything settled for you. 
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