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37 weeks

I'm currently 37 weeks pregnant. Yesterday when I woke up in the morning i had EXTREMELY painful cramping in my vagina, it felt like when your on your period and your vagina cramps except 10 times that pain! I had been having braxton hicks also but nothing timeable. I went to the bathroom and on the toilet paper was some yellowish clearish mucus. The pain in my vagina stayed consistent throughout the day, and then starting in the afternoon I started having diahrea. The diahrea lasted all last night and into today. I had my doctor appointment today and I was so frustrated with my doctor because I told him everything that had been going on and also at my appointment my blood pressure was elevated (which I have gestational high blood pressure) and all he said is I probably have a stomach virus causing the diahrea and yeast discharge. He wouldnt even check me for dilation. I just feel like something is off and I know it's not due to a stomach virus , I feel completely fine other than the diahrea and the pain in my vagina. Could this be labor starting?????? I just dont know what to think!! 

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    @rach11493 could be. Sorry your doctor sucks. 
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    I think it’s possible that it could either be early labor or maybe just your cervix changing a little bit. These last few weeks, baby is READY! And our bodies are going to be doing stuff... most of it uncomfortable and weird. 
    How did the rest of the day go? 
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    sorry, I don't have my ute goggles today. And, dilation isn't a good indicator of when labor will start, so many docs don't check. Did they do a urinalysis? If your BP is elevated they should be checking for a large amount of protein in your urine. 

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    I’m surprised they didn’t do more checks but I think the strange pains and changes are just gonna be the norm as things start to get ready 😔😕
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