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Meal Plan Monday 2/10

Guys, I am a freak and love love love meal
planning! And also seeing what others are planning as well. 
Anyone care to share their weekly meal plan? Also, what are your recipe inspirations? 
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Re: Meal Plan Monday 2/10

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    Monday- beef fajitas 
    Tuesday- Cajun chicken, peppers and rice, roasted broccoli 
    Wednesday- Grilled chicken with Mediterranean orzo salad 
    Thursday- Zesty lime shrimp and avocado salad 
    Friday- cottage pie
    Saturday- red lentil soup with spinach 
    My favorite places to get recipes are Skinnytaste, Half Baked Harvest, and Budget Bytes 
    Me: 27 DH: 27
    Married 6/15/13
    BFP #1 5/8/16, EDD 12/31/16- DD born 9/10/16 at 24 weeks 
    ~In our hearts forever~
    BFP #2 10/14/17, EDD 7/1/18

  • I love this, and I think most weeks I will play.  This week is a bit odd for us, with Valentine's on Friday and DS's party on Saturday.

    Monday- Mojo pork beans and rice
    Tuesday- Takeout
    Wednesday- leftovers 
    Thursday- Sausage and peppers
    Friday- Date night?
    Saturday- My son's birthday party!  On the menu is BBQ pulled pork sliders, wings, and hot dogs.

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  • @profmcgonagall I love Skinnytaste and Half-baked harvest , I have both their cookbooks:) your menu looks delish.

    Monday: BBQ chicken with rice and broccoli
    Tuesday: probably cheating with Thai food because my H starts a workout challenge at work on Wednesday 😂
    Wednesday: lentil and chickpea curry
    Thursday: homemade chicken ramen
    Friday: veggie burgers and home made sweet potato fries
  • As a pescatarian (and sometimes flexatarian when I'm pregnant) meal planning looks a little different in our house. I get most of my recipes from Pinterest.

    Monday - Cheese tortellini with pesto and roasted veggies 
    Tuesday - Blackened salmon with avocado salsa and wild rice
    Wednesday - Spaghetti
    Thursday - Trivia night (MH is the host)
    Friday - Valentine's Dinner out
    Saturday - Jambalaya

    Substitute meal in case MH or I aren't feeling like having one of the above: Coconut curry shrimp with red peppers and spinach over white rice.
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  • I looooove Skinnytaste. So much. I'm GF and try to be DF, and I try to find Keto friendly for the hubby. I love that I can filter for all those.

    I'm of no help though. All I want is rice and beans and dry toast. FML.
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  • @dolewhipper
    quesadillas, mac and cheese and milk and cereal were my cravings last time and looks like they are back. I USED TO try and eat less dairy but pregnancy and BF ruined me in that regard. @ttcbabyodo I love curries! Such an easy go-to.
  • I meal prep so this week we're having Sanbeiji (Taiwanese chicken) with Furikake rice and veggie spring rolls, and then Mexican casserole with red rice and salads. Plus roasted veggies for whichever night the craving strikes. 
    @ttcbabyodo I want blackened salmon so much now 😭 I'm going to add that to next weeks menu with quinoa power bowls! 
  • I’m hoping to get better at meal planning in advanced. I save so many recipes on Pinterest and instagram, but I’m usually planning meals the day before. We belong to a food co-op with 2 other couples so we don’t have to cook on Mondays or Thursdays which is great!

    Monday: butternut squash and gruyere cheese turnovers 
    Tuesday: baked avocado tacos with purple sweet potato, spinach and black beans 
    Wednesday: Chili 
    Thursday: food co-op
    Friday: aloo gobi with rice and roasted chickpeas 
    Saturday: red lentil coconut curry with carrots and spinach 
    Sunday: leftovers or dinner out since we will be driving home from out of town 

    I love minimalist baker, monkey and me kitchen adventures, cookie and Kate, pinch of yum, and smitten kitchen websites for ideas. 
  • @westslopemama I love the idea of a food co-op! How does it work?? Each couple cooks for the other families once a week?
  • @morethanamama Exactly! We cook for 6 adults and 4 kids every Wednesday and then get meals from the other couples on Mondays and Thursdays. I was nervous about having to cook such big portions for other people when we first started, but we’ve been doing it for over a year and it’s saved me so much time and money! 
  • Guys, I am a freak and love love love meal
    My world only works when I do meal plan. If you have not found the Cozi app...go download it NOW! It’s amazing. I have all our go to meals and recipes saved in it. Then I just add the meal to the calendar....and wait for it....the shopping list! 

    You can also copy and paste urls from the internet of new recipes you find and it imports all the ingredients and instructions into the app. The whole family has access to the app so DH can update the shopping list in real time while I’m at the store. 

    Here is our meals for this week 
  • Had to come back and post the shopping list SS cuz it’s really the best part and took me a year to discover! 
  • @JLaVO888, oooh thanks I’ll check it out! 

    @westslopemama that coop sounds really cool. How did you get involved with it? 
    Me: 27 DH: 27
    Married 6/15/13
    BFP #1 5/8/16, EDD 12/31/16- DD born 9/10/16 at 24 weeks 
    ~In our hearts forever~
    BFP #2 10/14/17, EDD 7/1/18

  • @profmcgonagall one of our friends came up with the idea! 
  • I meal plan in my bullet journal! I have sticky notes with my favorite recipes and things like “go out to dinner.” Then each week I just put the recipes I want in place. I don’t have the list handy right now though
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