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Sister in law- step aunt- undermining me CONSTANTLY

So, just a little background

My daughter will be 2 April 24th, and while my husband isn't her father he and his entire family love my daughter so much. We also have a wonderful relationship with her father, and that means the absolute world to me that we are killing the co-parenting game.

I grew up with my now husband in church, his entire family has known me from a young age, we reconnected at the beginning of 2019, I'd been a single mother since the day my daughter was born, I was single my entire pregnancy with her, all while doing everything I could to nurture a healthy relationship between her father and I, for the sake of her childhood. 4 months into dating my husband he finally met my daughter, and 6 months in his family finally met her, 8 months in we got engaged, and 11 months in we got married. 


My husband's youngest sister is 15, so of course she is at the age where she has quite the personality, sometimes it's fine others it's a struggle, but at first she was awesome, the perfect angel, as time went on I met her best friend who is 16 now, and a horrible human being even at 16, she is a terrible friend to her little sister, and doesn't know how to be respectful.

The two of them together are absolutely terrible, and the treat my daughter like she is their toy doll, and treat me like I'm a bad mother because I tell them they can not play with her in dangerous areas, or jump on the trampoline or listen to loud music with them. They speak Ill of me when I am not around, which right now because my daughter doesn't fully understand is one thing, but eventually will be a problem.

The major things they've done:

1. His little sister picked up my daughter as I was walking out of the room to help MIL clean is say "I'm mommy now" as DD yelled my name

2. She steals my phone and ALWAYS finds out my password or locks it up and goes through the messages I use to communicate with her brother, and DDs father. My husband and I like to keep our romantic lives very exciting so personally she shouldn't be doing such things. But I feel like because I have a good relationship with maisons father she assumes I still have feelings for him.

3. Because of her assumptions of me still having feelings for BD, this brings me to this next one, and she does it to me too! My HUSBAND invited him to the wedding, for starters, and I appreciated that because it was a big day for my daughter too, she was gonna be all dressed up for my big day, and he's both of our friend, honestly we never had a romantic connection, our relationship was short lived and ended with a pregnancy after the break up. His sister had my daughter in her arms, while we were thanking everyone for coming after the wedding, and when her father went to see his daughter, he asked for her and HIS LITTLE SISTER mean mugged the man who assisted in giving her life and wouldn't let him take her to say hello!?!? And what's even worse is when I'm trying to get hold of my daughter SHE DOES THE SAME THING?!?

4. My daughter is only super cuddly to anyone when she's tired, and my sister in laws best friend, the one I'd mentioned before, who is 16 and a total jerk, sent me a picture, of her and another baby hugging in the church nursery, and you could tell by the look on my daughter's face she was exhausted, so I responded with "awe, she must be so tired" then the girl responded "no she isn't?" And I said "she looks exhausted, and she gets super cuddly when she's tired" she replied "you must not know your kid very well then" and I stayed super chill and just said "wow, you don't say things like that" and she said "well it's true", I screen shot the messages and she saw it bc it was on snap chat, then proceeded to say " show that to whoever you want idc" then deleted the part where she said it was true??? And SIL said she was only joking?

I could seriously go on, but I think that's enough to paint a picture, along with her going against all of the rules I set in place for my daughter, and being a complete jerk, and then complaining when I don't bring her over for a week pretending to be nice, and going out of her way to make my daughter pick between the two of us, when I work all week and all I want to do is spend time with my child, I don't know what to do, my husband has said something, but they all think he's crazy, and I'm just trying not to snap. 

Mommies tell me what you think I should do?

Re: Sister in law- step aunt- undermining me CONSTANTLY

  • I'd also like to add, we have another child on the way and haven't announced that to the family, so I'm in great fear of what will happen when the flesh and blood of family will bring. 

    She also looked at me all demented last night and said she wouldn't have kids, only adopt, bc why bring more problems into this world when she could solve another????!!!! Wth does that even mean.
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