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  • @literatureandink whaaaaaaat I didn't know that was a thing!  I think I'm sold on the Amazon diapers!  
  • @kfrob Do you have an amazon registry? As soon as $500 worth of items on the registry are purchased, you're eligible for 20% off diapers for baby's first year, starting on the day you mark yourself as due. 
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  • @literatureandink we do, but since we're on our 3rd kid we're definitely not going to hit the $500 mark.  I basically set it up for the free gift box and completion discount.  Rats.
  • @KFrob I mostly made my registry for me. Try adding stuff you plan to buy anyway and just get it from the registry. You may be able to hit the $500 more easily than you think. For example, if you need a bookshelf, add it to the registry and then buy it from there.  


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    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @kfrob I added a lot of stuff I just needed or stuff I needed for my toddler to hit the $500.
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  • @Kathryn0903 and @mercury94 part of the problem is I'm just not an Amazon person.  I plan on getting the bulk of the stuff we need from Target and normally we barely order anything from Amazon, except maybe at Xmas time.  It's definitely worth a try though and if we need to get anything I need to remember to add it to the registry first!  
  • @literatureandink I am stoked about the Amazon diaper thing! I don't remember them doing that with my last baby, so hopefully it'll save some money! I wonder if you subscribe and save how you change the size preference? I've never used it  before but I guess I'll figure it out! I usually buy at target because I get 5% off with my red card but sounds like this will be way cheaper! I also will probably subscribe and save on the Mothers Milk tea because I drank it daily while nursing my daughter.
  • @mwill291 I’m also wondering about subscribing - though I think that may need to wait until we get to a size we’ll stay in a while...
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