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4mo old still not in love with daughters name

It was incredibly difficult naming #3. I had other names I liked but I was concerned with pronunciation issues and nicknames. I kept going back to this name during pregnancy. I felt it was simple, has a little slink like my other daughter. So idk what my problem is. It just doesn't get alot of love. Her name is paige annelise. (Other options were Elise/Juliet/noelle).  Siblings are Ivy and jonah. I'm hoping it will grow on me, but at 4 months it still hasnt. Nothing feels right 

Re: 4mo old still not in love with daughters name

  • Here she is
  • I love the name Paige. It was a top contender and we ultimately went with Maxine. Noelle I like a lot the other two I'm not a fan of.
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  • I think it fits her well.  
  • I think the name and the baby are beautiful! 
    FWIW, my DD's name ended up not being any of our top 4 that we took to the hospital. The name we gave her suits her perfectly but it did take me some time to settle in to it because it wasn't one of the ones I'd being trying out for my entire pregnancy. Now I can't imagine her as anything else (she's 12 months).
  • She’s a cutie! I like Paige and all your options. I think it must often be harder for a name to feel as “right” when it’s the second child of a gender. It’s like you’ve already used your top choice girl and boy name and this one may take longer to settle in. It doesn’t sound like you’re really longing to change it to one other name in particular so it doesn’t seem like you passed up “the one”. Maybe just need to have her wear the name Paige a while longer before it becomes her. 
  • She’s beautiful. I had name regret after naming both of my girls. It eventually resolved itself and they have both grown into their names. 
  • Naming a child is a huge deal! I think it’s normal to have some uncertainty or regret when making a big decision, it shows you put a lot of thought into it.

    I was so excited about our name my whole pregnancy and then had some doubt after she was born. Now at 3.5 I truly can’t imagine her being named anything else and her name fits her perfectly! :)
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  • This is what I'm hoping. I liked so many names but found concerns with. Like paige is easy to say, spell, no nicknames. Which I like. I loved elise but ppl cant pronounce it where I live. I liked summer but was swayed by others opinions 
  • This is exactly what my best friend said. 
  • Embrace the things about the name Paige that drew you to put it on your list! there must be MULTIPAL reasons that drew you to this lovely, feminine, strong name! Don't even let your mind go anywhere else. Now, it only matters that your daughter loves her name. (it really doesn't matter if you don't love it) Mind over matter here . You can do this. Start LOVING this name TODAY!  We have all had a regret or 2, but that will fade with time. She is a Paige! It fits her well. 
    always tell her what you love about her name, She will feel so special for it. 
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    I also had a hard time connecting with both of my kids names once they were here. And we had planned on using their names before 30 weeks, so both times, i had lots of time to fall in love with the names (which i did). For me, the name didn’t really fit until they became more of a person, more mobile, more quirks. Then i felt like all of a sudden, there they were fitting their name. 
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