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Weekend Plans

What's going on this weekend?
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  • I just chugged my glucose test drink and I’m hanging out in the waiting room.  The babe is going crazy. I’m hoping to get some baby related cleaning and organizing started this weekend.  We’re making a Trader Joe’s run this weekend too. 
  • Rivalry basketball game today with my husband (baby moves like crazy when MH’s team’s fight song comes on. 🙄 it’s going to be fun, though... my team is going to lose), we are working on the nursery when we aren’t at the game. Tomorrow we have our maternity photo shoot in SNOW! I can’t wait! 
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  • After a rough, tantrumy day with DS yesterday, my parents are taking him for a bit this afternoon. We're going for a kid free Hibachi dinner. Tomorrow, I'm doing a cooking class at our local winery!
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    I'm working this weekend, but yesterday, I got my hair cut and had a delicious Mexican lunch with a good friend. My hubby is enjoying no longer working retail and working every Saturday by running errands and doing some cleaning that I can't do anymore, so I'm looking forward to being able to put my feet up when I get home. :heart: 

    @KFrob Hope your glucose test goes well! My baby also went wild during the glucose drinks - as I did 2 1 hour glucose tests at 18 and 24 weeks per my doctor.
  • I spent all morning and afternoon running the most boring errands and now my body is shot. I feel like I’m entering the period where more than 2 hours of continuous activity is getting to be too much. I got home to a few baby gifts, though, so that’s fun!! 

    Tomorrow will just be a hang out day I think.
  • A weekend of hanging out at home. I'm catching up on my TV shows that I didn't watch this week (I gotta go to bed early these days!) and I plan to make another freezer meal.
  • Busy work weekend, but tonight DH is having a guys night with his pal so I have the apartment to myself. Ordering in and watching Netflix and it's dreamy
  • Ooooooh @korthouse what are you ordering & watching? I love having solo time!
  • Got the majority of our Amazon baby registry purchases, so maybe if I'm feeling up to it, we can start tackling going through that soon.
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  • @literatureandink I got a five spice pork belly banh mi (one of my major cravings) and watched Red Sparrow, which was about as bad as I'd expected it to be but I love me some JLaw
  • @Kathryn0903 did you already have your shower?? Or did you make those purchases for yourself?
  • @literatureandink no shower. As a STM, didn't want a shower, so just made purchases myself.
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    @Kathryn0903 I think I knew that but my brain only works at like 30% capacity these days lol - regardless, I’m glad you got done stuff organized - must feel so good!!
  • We ended up with a snow day on Friday, so Friday and Saturday I was productive around the house, checked off some of the nesting to-dos, and did lots of laundry (it was time to do sheets and duvet covers and such). I also finally got a haircut yesterday! It’s snowing again today, so we’re lounging around. Husband is napping, so I’m enjoying a baking show!
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