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Saturday Ticker Change 7/8

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**Daily ticker change threads are for those who change to a new week in pregnancy, (ie: 4w0d, 5w0d, etc). We’ll make a new ticker change thread every day of the week**

Estimated due date (EDD):

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GTKY: will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Or are you team green? 

Re: Saturday Ticker Change 7/8

  • Estimated due date (EDD): 17 Oct

    Week of pregnancy: 4 weeks, 0 days

    Upcoming Appointments: none yet, trying to arrange insurance first

    Rant/Rave: umm...let’s see. 

    Rant: I’m already bloating. I gained 60lbs with DS and that is NOT happening again. I went from 130 to 190 so it was a big strain on my body. 

    Other rant: fuck I don’t have health insurance and the system is pretty complicated. I have some options, but we aren’t low income so I won’t be getting any assistance from the zillions of programs for low income. 

    Also rant: DS has had a cough for over a month. We already took him to the Dr. once and did a round of antibiotics, which helped with his fever, but not the cough. Going back to the Dr. today. 

    Okay rave: DS is two and keeps asking, “Mommy, you have baby in your tummy?” And then kisses my belly. God he’s so so sweet. It makes me more excited for #2. 

    Questions: What’s the best way to control weight during pregnancy? Last time I “listened to my body” and that didn’t work so well. I’m expecting to gain the recommended amount of weight for sure, but just don’t want to go overboard like last time. Chocolate is my weakness. 

    GTKY: will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Or are you team green? Definitely finding out the sex. I’m a big planner and am impatient so I couldn’t do team green. At least not with baby #2. Maybe #3 or #4 if we end up having more. I admire the patience of you team green ladies!!
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  • deaddahliahdeaddahliah member
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    @tdevlindrye I’m in Illinois and if you’re pregnant without insurance you automatically qualify for Medicaid. I think most states have similar programs.

    eta: I’m lurking on this thread bc I don’t understand the ticker change thing. I don’t think we did it on my last BMB, but I have seen it mentioned before.
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  • @deaddahliah Florida is one of the few states that opted not to expand Medicaid.  :|

    I think anyone is allowed to respond to the posts in here, but the main posts are from people who graduate to the next week on that particular day. Like my ticker change is Saturday’s because, for example, yesterday I was 3 weeks, 6 days and today I’m 4 weeks, 0 days. 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/10

    Week of pregnancy: 5

    Upcoming Appointments: Second blood draw Monday (first was this past Monday), first appointment 2/20

    Rant/Rave: it's sunny today! Cold, but sunny. And today at toddler and me swim lessons DD had to be dunked for the first time and she did so well! She didn't love it, but let me do it quite a few times before refusing. Rant would be damn I'm tired but I'll take any pregnancy symptoms just to help ease my anxiety.

    Questions: Not now.

    GTKY: will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Or are you team green? We will find out. I want another girl because I never really had a sister (I do have a stepsister but she's 10 years older and we have never been close) and I'd love a sisterly bond. (I know that's not always the case with sisters and this is based in gender stereotypes a bit.) Also we have had a girl name picked for like a year, and never even figured out top contenders for a boy last time before finding out DD was a girl. I think it'll take a looong time to figure that out...
    Me: 29 || DH: 29
    TTC #1 4/2016 || dx NIR PCOS 7/2016 || BFP 4/2017
    DD - 12/28/17 <3

    TTC #2 3/2019
    BFP 5/2019 || MC - D&C 5/2019
    BFP 2/2020 || EDD 10/10/2020
  • @kmalls The early cramping is the worst! I had it with DD a few times and it freaked me out.

    @tdevlindrye omg, I hope DD has a sweet reaction like that! ❤️ So precious.
    Me: 29 || DH: 29
    TTC #1 4/2016 || dx NIR PCOS 7/2016 || BFP 4/2017
    DD - 12/28/17 <3

    TTC #2 3/2019
    BFP 5/2019 || MC - D&C 5/2019
    BFP 2/2020 || EDD 10/10/2020
  • Estimated due date (EDD): October 3

    Week of pregnancy: 6w0d

    Upcoming Appointments: Feb 27

    Rant- With my firat pregnancy I was an anxious wreck. I want to be able to enjoy being pregnant but am afraid that it will blind me about potential problems. Essentially I am worried about not being worried.
    Rave- DH likes to put his hand on my belly and "talk" to the baby. He came around quick to having two.

    Questions: Mom's of 2+ how was the transition from one to two kiddos?

    GTKY: will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Or are you team green? Currently team green but I'm too curious haha.
  • @salliesqpants I think the transition from 1 - 2 totally depends on the age of the first kid. For me, DS was 18 months old when DD was born and it was rough, not gonna lie. I had a really hard time with the transition. BUT I will say the worst of it was over relatively quickly as you establish a routine much faster than with the first kid. Wisdom of a second time mom, and all. 
  • Estimated due date (EDD): 10/3 ish

    Week of pregnancy: 6 weeks

    Upcoming Appointments: 2/20 for an ultrasound and nurse visit

    Rant/Rave: Rave-DH came home from work and let me sleep till 10am! He’s amazing 
                       Rant-My mother put my 6 month old to bed with a blanket last night! I don’t know how many times I’ve told her not to do this! Why can’t people understand that we now know better, so we should do better?! 

    Questions: None

    GTKY: will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Or are you team green? We will absolutely find out! I’m an old mom by OB standards (36), so we’ll do genetic testing and will find out the sex then. I. Can’t. Wait. 
  • @salliesqpants I agree with @kmalls. It really depends on the age gap. When I had my second, my first was already 4, so I feel like it was a super smooth transition. That being said, we’ve had our last 3 (and will have this one) very close together (15 months apart, 20 months apart, and this gap will be 14 months apart unless this one comes early 😬) and although it’s incredibly hard, it’s nice that they all get to play together so well! 
  • @tdevlindrye hello fellow Floridian!  One of my besties is going through the same thing with the insurance situation.  She is insured but has a high deductible ($5k) and that's after like $400 a month premiums.

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  • @smg2302 Heyyyy! I’m in the Tampa Bay area. How about you?

    Yeah, during open enrollment I looked at all the plans and they were about the same: $600+ per month with super high deductibles and super high out of pocket max’s. We weren’t 100% on when we were planning baby 2 so I opted not to sign up at the time...
  • @tdevlindrye also Tampa Bay!  How cool!

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  • So cool! Maybe one day we can be the first O20 meetup. :)
  • Estimated due date (EDD): October 3rd

    Week of pregnancy: 6

    Upcoming Appointments: First appt is February 12 - ultrasound bc of frozen embryo transfer 

    Rant/Rave: rant - on progesterone due to fertility treatments. It’s like feeling crappy on top of crappy with nausea! Can’t wait to be progesterone free 

    Questions: none right now 

    GTKY: will you be finding out the sex of the baby? Or are you team green? We are going to find out. My last delivery was pretty traumatic and my daughter needed up the nicu. Felt like we had to skip the joy for awhile and just focus on things like baby breathing etc. I want to be able to have that time before delivery to enjoy it being girl or boy in case this delivery is the same. 
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