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Need help finding shoes for my little big guy

My 16 month old is at the top of the charts (he's the size of your average 3 year old at 35 inches tall and over 33 lbs....), and is wearing a size 8 to 8.5 shoe. Most of the shoes that size are getting heavy or very bulky for a toddler that isn't THAT good at walking yet. I found one shoe that looks like it may work from Stride Rite, but am wondering if there are other brands out there with shoes designed for big tots.

Re: Need help finding shoes for my little big guy

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    One of my friends have the same problem, and we both buy shoes from an online store called Kids-world. They have good shoes in almost all sizes and from many brands - I personally like their prewalkers from Angulus, which are good shoes for those not yet used to walking. However, it is a danish store so you have to keep in mind that the sizes are in EU sizes :smile: 
  • A similar problem, you just have to go and try on all sorts of shoes. This year, because of the quarantine, it was difficult to buy something in stores, and we ordered shoes online three times wrong, it was so tedious. 
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