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  • First time mom-to-be, about 5 weeks in.  Got a Dr appointment lined up and haven’t told anyone yet except my SO.  Dying to tell a couple close friends but want to get through the appointment first to fully convince myself it’s real before I do.  We’ve been trying for a year and were discussing doing IVF so I am over the moon right now.  

    I know everyone is different, but so far the only real symptom I’m noticing is some cramps.  Not bad but fairly persistent.  Any idea how long this might last (quick Google search tells me it could be basically the whole pregnancy), and any suggestions for ways to help with it?  I never really got cramps with my periods so this is new territory for me.
  • First time mama here and first time pregnant. 7 weeks and 1 day along. 

    Currently worried because we had to switch insurances and haven't been able to schedule our first appointment yet due to all the rigamarole of that process *eye roll*
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  • FTM. 6 weeks along and couldn't be more excited or scared you-now-what-less than I am feeling. Such a  dichotomy of emotions!! My appointment is in a week so that's good news... Bad news is my husband and I both come from tough family backgrounds and are independently mourning not having that as a support system. BUT we have wonderful friends and are dying to just tell everyone. Good luck mommas and grow those peanuts!!! 
  • FTM and AMA, 5+2. I’ve just been nervous on and off that we’ll have an early loss because of my age. Trying to stay relaxed and positive! Saw my pcp yesterday who was suuuuper excited about the news  and will go today to get an official blood test. I should get my obgyn referral on Monday so hopefully I can schedule with the baby doctor within the next two weeks. 
  • FTM... 8w4d and ready for the first trimester to be done! Is it just be or is everything hard to stomach right now? My appetite is gone and I’m basically forcing myself to eat for my lil bean
  • @courtneyjoy247 Yep very common. It really is no fun. Thankfully our bodies make baby the number one priority so don’t worry about lil bean not getting enough nutrients. Your body is the only one that suffers from not being able to eat. Which is hell...but it’s nice to know baby still gets what it needs regardless. 
  • @courtneyjoy247 I'm in your both girl, 9w6d and I can't wait until it's over, the nausea meds aren't helping much either.
  • FTM and I have been an emotional wreck and unable to concentrate on anything. I am still doing some education and haven't been able to focus. I found out I am iron and vit D deficient so I have been supplementing but wondering if anyone has other suggestions? 
  • FTM and so far so good!  7w5d along and so far I've had only mild symptoms - little to no nausea as long as I snack throughout the day, not overly emotional, boobs hurt early on but now they just feel heavy.  Little bloated/backed up occasionally but upping my fiber intake to help with that.

    Hope I'm not jinxing myself saying this but so far the first trimester is going super smoothly!
  • I'm 8wks6d, 40 and this is my second pregnancy.  No living children.  I'm super excited along with my partner. I wanted to keep it quiet for a while, but he's told everyone he knows.  Hoping to have my first scan on 3/25 to see our tiny bundle and hear the heartbeat
  • FTM, 7 weeks 6 days, first pregnancy. This wasn’t planned per say, but my husband and I are very excited (but very nervous). I had a positive pregnancy test on 4 weeks 1 day. I experienced a lot of horrible cramping and light spotting during this first week. Had hcg’s measured and were doubling as expected. Since then I have been having mild cramps, mostly after I have done too much activity which is a little nerve racking to me. Not sure if cramping throughout the first trimester is normal. The OB nurse reassured me it can be. I started having some brown spotting 2 days ago so I go in tomorrow for an ultrasound to make sure everything looks fine. I have been exhausted mostly in the evenings, having some mild nausea episodes that go away pretty easily with ginger (nothing that lasts all day), and this week just started experiencing some constipation (which is not my normal). My boobs have been insanely sore this whole time and my husband said I’m a little irritable. 
    Ultimately I am just anxious over this whole process. I don’t know what to expect, what is normal and what is not. Sounds like I’m not alone based on the posts here, but it’s pretty isolating so far since I haven’t told anyone else but my husband and a close friend. I’m hoping everything goes well tomorrow with the ultrasound and my first OB appt. 
  • My first US is on Monday, and as the day gets closer, my anxiety is increasing. PGAL brain is very, very real. I had a dream last night that I was spotting when I went to the bathroom, and it bothered me so much that I couldn't get back to sleep, so I went and laid down on the living room couch so as not to wake MH with all of my tossing and turning. This whole COVID-19 thing that's going on isn't helping my anxiety, either. I've been instructed to telework for the next week at least, and when I'm not working I am instructed to limit my activities to groceries/gas/pharmacy only (I'm in the military). As an introvert, this is 100% fine by me, but with idle time comes the worry about my health and the health of my baby. It's just a lot to process right now. 
    Me: 37 / DH: 41
    Due with baby #2: Feb 2022

  • @babyodo it's hard not to stress when there's so much time to think right now. I can't imagine the added of stress of PGAL. You are going to have the most amazing ultrasound on Monday and hopefully that will help calm your nerves a bit. I know it's so hard waiting for that moment, bit it'll be here before you know it!
  • First time mom here too.

    I'm 8 weeks and 3 days. My first milestone always is 4 weeks 1 day as I had a chemical last summer. The second milestone is having a good dating ultrasound which we had today! 😍 

    We are moving in June so part of me thinks that we just weren't meant to have a baby in our one bedroom apartment.

    I don't have much symptoms but sore boobs are always there, but I did get worried at some point as some days are less painful than others! I'm really looking forward to feeling pregnant.

    We have told our moms and my SIL, as well as one of my friends who owns the place I was taking pottery classes at and I told her because I wanted to cancel my classes I had just registered for. I think we'll tell the rest towards the end of the first trimester.
  • @mimser I have had pretty mild symptoms too, except 1 day where I puked out of nowhere... no thanks!  I thought I wanted to 'feel more pregnant' too until I got a real taste of it.  I'm good feeling like my usual self haha.
  • @nikkisfirstbundle just read through some posts. Hope your US went well today! We had our first US on Tuesday. It's finally starting to feel real. Looked like two grapes stuck together with little pieces off one grape. Baby did a little wiggle during US so that was pretty cool. OB said with size that we are close on EDD based off LMP, but might be off by one day. Signed up for something called Babyscripts offered from OB office which has been nice. Lots of education and makes you enter weight weekly. They are sending me a scale and BP cuff to monitor weekly which I guess will reduce the amount of visits I need to make (can eliminate a few). So we will see how that goes! Good luck with everything and I hope they sent you with some pics of your little peanut!
  • 11 weeks on sat! Ugh, I’m going crazy researching everything. I feel everything you put on your body(shampoo, deodorant, skin care, etc) is bad. Ugh. 34 years old, first pregnancy. Nervous more than excited lol. Anyone having anxiety driven thoughts like me? My doc said not to worry, just as long as I’m not eating and drinking bad things. But I’m finding ingredients like SLS aluminum and chemical sunscreens alllll bad. 
  • @ladybugbaby123 I think as long as you're not drinking the shampoo you should be ok, your skin is EXTREMELY good at keeping things outside of your body.  It barely lets tiny water molecules through, nevermind giant chemical compounds. 
  • @ladybugbaby123 if it will give you peace of mind visit your local organic food co-op or something along those lines and pick up some new things for personal use.  Most of the people who work there can tell you what works best and what the healthiest items they have are.  
  • Hi there! 13w3d EDD 10/4. I’m 32 and this is my first pregnancy. DH and I are excited, though this is a scary time to be pregnant (health and financial wise). Praying for all you ladies. I’m worried about every ache and pain (afraid of miscarriage, though I’ve never had one). I’m a bit overweight (196lbs) I was 186 before the BFP. Now I have a fairly large pudge where it was a mostly flat belly before. None of my clothes fit and my maternity jeans fall off my butt. I hate my bras and wish sports bras didn’t give me uniboob. I had horrible all day nausea through the first trimester and I’m thankful it’s easing up and I’m getting my energy back. 
  • @sboley87 I'm glad you're feeling better going into 2nd tri! Our EDD's are close, mine is 10/8. I am starting to get some very noticeable pudge and luckily I can just wear sweatpants all day right now (the perks of social isolation!). I am having such an issue with bras though! None of them fit at all and I'm too nervous to order one offline since I'd like to try it on. I think I've gone up a cup size, but who knows exactly.
  • @ginevere Amazon is your friend. :)
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 1/4/22.  Due date 9/13/22.

    Four prior losses, no living children - 1 first trimester miscarriage, 1 blighted ovum, 1 chemical, and one extreme premature live birth daughter who died at 15 days old.

  • Hi there ! I'm 12 weeks and 2 days today. We have told our family and some close friends. We plan to tell everyone thru social media in 2 weeks. So far everything has been going well. We had our 1st trimester screening today and unfortunately my husband wasn't allowed to be there due to the coronavirus. It made me really upset and it does worry me for the remainder of our pregnancy. I am excited though to enter the second trimester soon so I can have more energy but I am super grateful because I never got sick at all. I am starting not to fit into some clothes. I do feel like I show a lot for someone that's 12 weeks but oh well :) 
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